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Apartment 22
Sam, Butler, and Cat in Apartment 22




Cat Valentine (current tenant, subletting from Nona)
Sam Puckett (roommate)
Nona (former tenant, legal owner)

Apartment 22 is the apartment that Cat and Sam live in. It is located in Venice, California.


Sam and Cat's bedroom in BabysitterWar
Sam and Cat's bedroom
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The apartment used to be Nona and Cat's, but Nona moved to Elderly Acres. Therefore, Sam moved in with Cat as a roommate, and they currently live together. In #FavoriteShow, Sam gets all the That's a Drag props into the apartment, and sends all the original furniture into a storage warehouse the That's a Drag props were supposed to go.


  • Nona first moved in the apartment sometime in 2012. After a rough babysitting experience, she moved out of the home in 2013 to live at Elderly Acres.
  • Cat Valentine, Nona's granddaughter, moved in with her in February 2013 after a slight misunderstanding over her grandmother's announcement of the move (she confused Venice, CA with Venice, Italy). She is now staying here and now sublets from her grandmother after she moves away since her parents are staying with her brother in a mental asylum for between 6 months and two years, and she herself has had to run away from her strict and mean uncle and aunt.
  • Sam Puckett stayed the night in #Pilot and was responsible for bringing Nona to Elderly Acres despite Cat's protests. She decided to move in and become Cat's current roommate and start a babysitting business with her.


  • The reason why Sam and Cat's apartment is named 22 is because 22 is Dan Schneider's wife's favorite number.[1]
  • This is the only place to appear in every episode.
    • It wasn't used for the filming of #BlooperEpisode, but appears in several clips. It's not a regular episode, however.
  • The set was different in #Pilot. For example, it misses the door next to the fridge.
  • There is a picture of the blue remote Sam used for the iCarly webshow in Sam's side of the bedroom.
  • There is a picture of Erwin Sikowitz in Cat's side of the bedroom.


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