"Here, have an egg!"
— BJ to Dice.

BJ Malloy
BJ Malloy at Bots
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c. 2001

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Dice (one-sided, his side)


Eating eggs
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Sharon Torso

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Cyrus Arnold

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BJ Malloy is Dice Corleone's childhood "friend" who first appeared in #TextingCompetition.



He and Dice spent a lot of together, much to Dice's annoyance. BJ often called Dice "Diceberg".


He was at the texting competition where Sam was competing. Dice tried to hide from him, but Sam called attention to him. Because of that, he spends most of the episode to annoy Dice.

#TheKillerTunaJump: #Freddie #Jade #Robbie

He was playing poker with Dice, Randy, Tandy, a spear fisherman named Brody, and another boy at Bots after hours. He is later seen at Dice's spectacle.


BJ is an annoying but well-intended child; he doesn't seem to be aware he's annoying. He loves eating eggs and seems proud of it. He repeats almost everything Dice says to bother him.


Dice Corleone

He considers Dice as a great friend, while Dice doesn't really feel the same due to how annoying he is. They've known each other since childhood because their moms were friends. Dice is very annoyed by BJ. BJ calls Dice "Diceberg" (a portmanteau of Dice and Iceberg).



BJ: Sit down, lady!

BJ: Diceberg!


  • Cyrus Arnold (B.J.) has a twitter page: @Cyrus_Arnold
  • His hair is similar to Dice's. They are both black afros.
  • He likes to eat eggs.
  • His mom was friends with Dice's mom.
  • He called Dice "Diceberg" throughout the second grade.
  • He reappeared in the episode #TheKillerTunaJump. He and Dice are shown hanging out in a flashback, so Dice may have accepted him as a friend sometime after the events of #TextingCompetition.
  • Dan Schneider stated that BJ's portrayer Cyrus Arnold doesn't like eggs at all.[1]
  • He has the same last name as the lawyer, Martin Malloy, from #SalmonCat.
  • He is seen interacting with Jade West in a picture of #TheKillerTunaJump but doesn't in the episode.
  • He probably supported Sam in the texting competition as he yelled at Mrs. Torso to sit down when she was making fun of Sam.
  • The promo of #TextingCompetition said that he could ruin the competition, which doesn't have anything to do with the episode.


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