Butter sock
Sam holding a butter sock
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A sock filled with butter




Sam Puckett

The butter sock is a weapon that Sam sometimes uses. It has appeared in some episodes of iCarly. It's a sock filled with butter. It was first shown in #ToddlerClimbing on Sam & Cat.



In the iCarly episode "iTake on Dingo", Sam wanted to use it against the writers of Dingo Channel who stole ideas from the iCarly webshow. Later, it returned in the iCarly and Victorious crossover, "iParty with Victorious", where she wanted to use it on Tori, and then decided to use it on Steven because he cheated on Carly. After that, appeared more often in later episodes.


The butter sock had its first appearance on Sam & Cat where Sam wanted to use it on George, Grant, and Richard for having posted fake bad reviews about Sam & Cat’s Super Rockin’ Fun-Time Babysitting Service, but Cat interrupted her because she doesn't want her to use it in front of the baby. However, before to leave, Sam uses it to break the table.


Sam asks Bungle to get butter and a sock so she can take revenge on Peezy B for being mean to Cat, but Bungle says that she can only bring the butter.


  • In the original draft, it was a sock full of quarters, but Nickelodeon asked Dan Schneider to change that because they feared kids might actually fill a sock with quarters and hit someone with it. So Dan Schneider changed the sock full of quarters to a sock full of butter.[1]


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