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"Thanks for the tweeting lesson!"
Maree thanking Cameron.

Cameron and Maree
Maree and Cameron on set - Ta Da
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Cameron Ocasio
Maree Cheatham


Camaree, Mameron



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Cameron Ocasio and Maree Cheatham are friends in real life. They currently work together in Sam & Cat, portraying Dice and Nona, respectively. The pairing is often referred to as Camaree (Cam/eron and M/aree) or Mameron (Ma/ree and Ca/meron).

See Dice and Nona for the pairing of Dice Corleone and Nona, the characters Cameron and Maree portray, respectively.


  • When Maree created a Twitter account, Cameron told his followers to follow her.[1]
  • Cameron helped Maree learn how to use Twitter.[2]


  • Cameron is Maree's 22nd follower on Twitter.
  • Maree often retweets Cameron's tweets or tweets to Cameron.
  • Maree says on early January 2015 that Cameron would become taller than everyone.[3]


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