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"Cat is so special to me. She’s a MORON. Such a child but she’s just got the purest sweetest most precious heart & I really love playing her. Even though she’s a complete idiot I feel like we could all learn a lot from Cat and her outlook on life…"
Ariana Grande about her character

Cat Valentine
Cat wearing a pink dress
Biographical information
Full name

Caterina Valentine[1]






c. 1995 (18-19)

Resides in

Venice, Los Angeles, California


Student at Hollywood Arts


Hollywood Arts High School[2]
Sam & Cat’s Super Rockin’ Fun-Time Babysitting Service

Physical description
Hair color

Red (Dyed)

Eye color


Personal information

Nona (grandmother)
Unnamed brother
Cat's mother (unnamed)
Cat's father (unnamed)


Sam Puckett
Jade West
Robbie Shapiro
Geau Merr
Butler Torso
Freddie Benson


Gwen and Ruby
Rival Babysitting Service
Mrs. Torso
Alexa Biggly
Nora Dershlit


Cats, children, Bibble, singing, dancing, Justin Bieber, dolls, spives

Production information
First appearance


Portrayed by

Ariana Grande

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Caterina "Cat" Valentine is one of the title characters of Sam & Cat, alongside Sam Puckett. She is a continued character from Victorious.

She is portrayed by Ariana Grande.



After Cat's parents left for a while to tend to her brother in Idaho, Cat, at the suggestion of her friend Jade, decided to settle with her Nona because she refused to stay with her mean aunt and uncle.  

Season 1

Cat Valentine teams up with her roommate, Sam Puckett, in the pilot and becomes a babysitter with her to fund for their crazy adventures.


Cat wearing earrings
Lindsey101Added by Lindsey101

Cat is an extremely sweet and caring girl with a fear of clouds. She is happy-go-lucky, very bubbly, and lost in her own mind at times. She often unknowingly gets herself into sticky situations.[3] There are still some traits that Cat has from Victorious, for example, her love for her purple giraffe, her craving for bibble, and her sweet, bubbly but dim-witted personality.


Sam Puckett

Main article: Cat and Sam

(2011: Acquaintance) (2013–Present: Best friend; Roommate; Co-worker)

Cat and Sam become roommates and best friends in the pilot episode and create a babysitting business to fund their adventures. Cat cares about what happens to Sam and brings out the best in her, and together, the two are able to get through anything. They sometimes fight with each other, but they eventually make up.[3]


Main article: Cat and Nona

(1995–Present: Grandmother)

Cat and Nona sitting beside each other
Cat and Nona.

Cat and her grandmother have a good relationship; they care a lot for each other. Cat was very upset that her Nona was moving to Elderly Acres, but Nona reassured her that she would visit Cat often. 


Main article: Cat and Dice

(2013–Present: Neighbor and Good Friend)

Dice and Cat are neighbors and friends. Dice often comes into Cat's apartment and shares the latest news with her and to sell items. Cat loves it when Dice advertises his newest products. Dice has also been very helpful to Cat's babysitting service with Sam.

Jade West

(2008-Present: Close Friend and Classmate)

Cat and Jade had a very good relationship in Victorious. Jade was never as mean to Cat as she was to some of the other characters and they treated each other like best friends, despite Jade's brassy personality.

Robbie Shapiro

(2008-Present: Close Friend and Long-time Crush/2014-Present Possible Boyfriend

Cat and Robbie are close friends throughout Victorious. Robbie seems to be more tolerant of Cat's behavior, and Cat seems to be the nicest girl to Robbie. Robbie has proven many times that he likes Cat as more than a friend but she never vocally admitted any feelings for him. However, in #The Killer Tuna Jump, Jade reveals that Cat has had a crush on Robbie for a long time, confirming that Cat does have feelings for him. This is later on supported when Cat says, "Robbie, I thought you and me had something really special," and calls him her "kind-of boyfriend." Cat also tried to save Robbie from the tuna, but she passed out after her head hit the tank. Robbie then asks Cat out at the hospital and she accepts, leading to a relationship in the future.


(2010–Present: Teacher-student and Friend)

Sikowitz is Cat's teacher. In #MommaGoomer, Sikowitz let Cat and Sam use his classroom so Goomer's mother could see Goomer "teach". Cat remarked that Sikowitz was insane.

Freddie Benson

This friendship has started in the episode, #The Killer Tuna Jump. Cat decides to call Freddie on Sam's phone to make Sam jealous since Jade and Sam are now best friends. Cat convinces Freddie that Sam was in an accident, so he flies to L.A. to see if she's okay and learns that this isn't true. Cat ends up flirting with him and they both share a nice Spanish conversation before they spend the whole day together. Even though Freddie learns he was used, they do still have a minor friendship between each other.


Cat is quite slim and fairly short. She has slightly tanned skin, dark red hair, and big, brown eyes. She often wears cardigans, a dress or skirt, usually pink, and a pair of flats. She also wears earrings and almost always has a big smile on her face.


  • Cat's hair is slightly darker than it was on Victorious.
Cat's new PearPhone case
Cat's PearPhone XT
LotstarAdded by Lotstar
  • Cat in Sam & Cat is Ariana Grande's first lead role in a television series.
  • Cat has a new PearPhone case in Sam & Cat.
  • The inspiration for the character of Cat came partly from Goldie Hawn, one of Dan Schneider's favorite comedic actresses of all time.[4]
  • Cat has an electric singing toothbrush, as shown in the credits and #NewGoat.[5]
  • According to #Pilot, when Cat gets really scared, she faints. It had also happened in the episode #NewGoat and in Victorious.
  • Cat sometimes forgets to open the door as seen in #Pilot.
  • Cat still goes to school at Hollywood Arts.
  • Cat is a fan of Justin Bieber, as she "fangirls" when Dice shows her Justin Bieber's hair in #Pilot.
  • In #TheBritBrats, it is revealed that Cat is still addicted to bibble like she was in the Victorious episode "Tori Goes Platinum." This is episode where it is revealed that Cat is banned from a store that sells bibble.
  • Cat has a tendency to repeat sounds that she hears (doorbells, phone ringing, etc.).
  • Cat thinks Sam's last name was Puckell in #TextingCompetition, #BabysitterWar, and #MommaGoomer.
  • Cat can be easily manipulated as seen in #BabysitterWar when arguing with Sam about the bedroom.
  • Cat has a picture of Sikowitz on her bedroom wall.
  • She doesn't like cotton candy stuck to her face.
  • As shown in #GoomerSitting, Cat still retains the habit of taking objects out of her bra. In that case, it was money.
  • That's a Drag! was her favorite show before its cancellation in #FavoriteShow.
  • It is revealed in #ToddlerClimbing and #MommaGoomer that Cat is bad at making people look different, like Dice, as well as revealed in her prior role in Victorious in the episode Tori the Zombie.
  • Apart from Dice, Cat is the only main character to have been aware of Sam's reputation from iCarly prior to meeting her in person.  
  • Cat thought diabetes was a disease that affects the butt and calls it diabootes.
  • She thinks the word stupid is street talk for good.
  • It is revealed in #RevengeOfTheBritBrats that about a year ago (presumably since the events of "Tori Goes Platinum") Cat ate so much bibble that when she ran out of money she pawned Nona's jewelry.
  • Half of her phone number is 573-29 as revealed in #SecretSafe.
  • The zip code where she lives is 90291.
    Cat's blue hair in #MotorcycleMyster
    Liv2nightAdded by Liv2night
  • Cat often pronounces words wrong.
  • In #MotorcycleMystery, Cat dyes blue streaks her hair.
  • She doesn't know how to make microwave popcorn but she does know to use a microwave.
  • Cat believes in magic.
  • Tiny food scares her, as revealed in #MyPoober.
  • She didn't understand toast until she bought a book about it.
  • Cat became manipulative and was able to convince Sam to get more money in the ATM in #MagicATM.
  • Cat has a snooping problem so she needs to take special vitamins to help her.
  • Cat often wears lace-up canvas shoes (sometimes with floral prints on them) that can be recognized as Keds.
  • Cat has shown numerous times to be a good cook from things like meatballs, sloppy waffles, brownies, and blue dog soda.
  • Cat thinks hammers are called nail bangers.


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