"Cock-a-doodle-do, the cow says moo!!!"
— Crazy Steve in Sam & Cat

Crazy Steve
Crazy Steve
Biographical information
Full name

Steven William Upshaw



Resides in

San Diego, California (formerly)


Movie theater employee

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Portrayed by

Matt Little (physically)
Jerry Trainor (voice)

Crazy Steve is a minor character of Sam & Cat and a continued character from Drake & Josh. He had a short appearance in #SuperPsycho.



Crazy Steve is an employee of the Premiere, a movie theater at San Diego. He is mentally disabled and has many problems, like extreme angers issues. A recurring joke about him was people asking what are his problems, and no one has ever been able to give answers.


He was sent at Peter Sinai Sickness Hospital, in unknown conditions, but obviously because of his numerous problems. While searching for Nevel, Sam and Cat pass by him, while he's shaking shoes fixed to bras, like in the Drake & Josh episode Really Big Shrimp, the series final episode. Then, Sam and Cat leaves without really paying attention to him. He seems to annoy Dr. Slarm by repeating the same sentence.


He is mentally disabled and gets mad very easily.




[flails arms and legs] Cock-a-doodle-do, the cow says moo!!!


  • He was wearing a mask in Sam & Cat because he isn't physically portrayed by Jerry Trainor, Crazy Steve's portrayer in Drake & Josh.
  • He shares the same middle name than his portrayer.
  • He's the first and only character from Drake & Josh.
  • He was mentioned in the Victorious episode "Helen Back Again".
  • He's the fourth Drake & Josh character Sam met. The three firsts are Craig, Eric and Gavin in "iStart a Fanwar", an iCarly episode.
  • He's the second Drake & Josh character Cat met. The first is Helen in "Helen Back Again".
  • In both Drake & Josh and Sam & Cat, he has never been shown wearing something else than the Premiere's vest.
  • He is unnamed in the episode.