"Your pineapple's full of bullet holes!"
— Ellie to the gang

Ellie Farber
Biographical information
Full name

Ellie Farber




c. 2002 (11 years)

Resides in

Venice, Los Angeles, CA

Physical description
Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color


Personal information

Mrs. Farber (mother)
Donald Farber (father)






Poober getting taken away

Production information
First appearance


Last appearance


Portrayed by

Aubrey K. Miller

Ellie Farber is a minor character on Sam & Cat. She was portrayed by Aubrey K. Miller.


She first appeared in #MyPoober when she was being babysat by Sam and Cat. Her mother wanted them to get her to give up Poober, which she made clear she wasn't and made threats if they tried. Cat finally managed to convince her to let him go and the gang sent him up in Goomer's rocket, which turned out that Ellie took him out and placed the pineapple bank in its place. The gang and Ellie went tracked it down to an old cemetery where they meet Woody from iCarly who shot the rocket down. The gang ditched Ellie and drove away, leaving her with Woody, who played the ukelele.


Ellie is apparently very rude and unbearing as shown with her attitude toward Sam and Cat. She loves Poober very much and will do anything to keep him. She is also a good actress as she pretended to be pitiful in front of Cat about her secret with Poober.



Ellie and Sam hate each other very much as shown when Sam attempted to attack her out of rage and Ellie taunted her about her prison record.


Cat and Ellie are enemies, but not as strong as Ellie and Sam. Cat tried to be nice, but it was hard with Ellie being just as rude. Cat tried to get Ellie to give up Poober by having her considering why she needed him, but it backfired when it was revealed that Ellie was faking it.



Ellie: So how much did my mom offer to pay you to get rid of Poober?

Ellie: Ha ha! Your pineapple's full of bullet holes!


  • She is the oldest kid ever babysat by Sam and Cat (at age 11, not counting Goomer, who is an adult).
  • She loves her bear Poober so much she takes him everywhere.
  • Her parents hate her having Poober.
  • She is unpopular at school.
  • She owned Poober since she was 3 years old.


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