Ethan and Bob
Ethan and Bob
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Ethan and Bob



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Unnamed father


Sam, Cat (babysitters)


Asking questions (Ethan)
Cuddling people (Bob)

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Tyler Michael Brown (Ethan)
Rashaan Smith (Bob)

Ethan and Bob are characters on Sam & Cat. They are little boys that Sam and Cat babysit in #FavoriteShow. They are known to be extremely annoying, because of Ethan's constant questions and Bob's constant hugging people.


In #FavoriteShow, Sam and Cat babysit Ethan and Bob after school for a guy who found one of their babysitting flyers. Ethan constantly asks questions about anything, while Bob constantly hugs everything, particularly people's legs. Sam and Cat take the boys with them to the set of That's a Drag! where they try to prevent the show from going off air. While there, Bob climbs inside a stage light and Sam has to rescue him. Later, Cat brings the boys to Elderly Acres because she needs a break from the kids whereas elderly people love kids. The kids end up getting left at Elderly Acres, but Nona brings them back home.


The two of them are extremely annoying because Bob is very clingy as he is always hugging someone and Ethan is always asking questions.



Ethan: Are you going to feed us dinner?
Cat: Sure.
Ethan: What are we having?
Cat: We can have chicken-
Ethan: Do you have a pet?
Cat: No.
Ethan: Why is your hair red?
Cat: Well, I use this-
Ethan: Do you have any diseases?
Cat: Diseases?

Nona: [Nona brings Bob and Ethan back to the apartment, Bob is hanging from her and she's exhausted]
Ethan: [looks at her] Are you on Medicare?
Nona: Stop asking questions!


  • The two boys are brothers.
  • They are the second kids to be babysat in the whole series.
  • They are the first pair of kids to be babysat.
  • Bob never really talked during the episode. Instead of speaking, he laughs, though his laugh sounds like a younger child's laugh.