! This article is about the store Fresno Girl. For the episode with the same name, see FresnoGirl.
Fresno Girl
General information
Type Doll store
City Venice, Los Angeles, California
People Matyoo (doll advisor)

Fresno Girl is a store that sells dolls which was shown to have insane prices.


Sam and Cat went there to buy a doll for Kim after she appears to succeed on her math test, with a score of 92 percent. Kim chooses a doll named Gabriella, but it is first sold hairless and naked (and with a brown sack), because they want the dolls to be like real babies are born, for $156.20. The hair and clothes are sold as accessories, as well as a bike, for a total of $340.20.

Later, they have to get back there after they pulled Gabriella's right leg out, a very big deal, according to Mattieu. The doll is sent to a hospital. The operation costs $233.09, counting the rolling chair that costs $70.00. Sam makes the personal of the store eat Cat's fudge piles, despite the fact she knows that they are too chewy. Sam takes a microphone and pretends that everything in the store is free for five minutes while the personal is unable to talk to be able to contradict that. Kim later reveals that her real score was 67 percent.



  • Fresno Girl is a parody of American Girl, a doll brand known to be expensive.
  • Fresno Girl, like AG, has a doll hospital.
  • Sam said that she had nightmares of places like that, due to their decoration, as she isn't really girly.
  • Dan Schneider likes the way the name Fresno does sound and he is sometimes making fun of it on his shows. It has nothing to do with the city of Fresno.[1]