"She said she wanted to locate and destroy Carly, then you, and then Freddie."
— Gibby to Sam

Gibby Gibson
Gibby Gibson-Sam & Cat
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Orenthal Cornelius Hayes Gibson






January 25

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Seattle, Washington


iCarly (formerly)

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His head replica

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Noah Munck

Orenthal Cornelius Hayes "Gibby" Gibson is a character in Sam & Cat. He appeared in #SuperPsycho. He is a continued character from iCarly.



Sam mentions while talking about cannibalism than she once got stuck with him in an elevator and that she began to find him tasty after 45 minutes.


Gibby is at the movie theater with his girlfriend where Nora Dershlit sneaks in and tells him what happened. He then gave her Sam Puckett's address. Later, he and Nevel Papperman had lunch together.


Gibby is very odd and, apparently, stupid as shown as he just flat-out gave Nora Sam's address even though he was aware that she broke out of prison and wanted to destroy Sam.


Sam Puckett

Sam is a friend of Gibby's. They previously worked together in the iCarly webshow.

Unnamed girlfriend

Gibby has an unnamed girlfriend who loves snuggling with him a lot.

Freddie Benson

He is a good friend of Freddie. They previously worked together in the iCarly webshow. They were never seen together on Sam & Cat.


Sam: Yeah, I remember Nora, why?
Gibby: She busted out of prison.



  • Gibby is the only iCarly character to have really interacted with Cat in iParty With Victorious. Despite this, there haven't been any mention of that in this show, because of the general lack of interactions between the two casts.
  • He's the second iCarly character to appear in a Sam & Cat special after having been mentioned by Sam in an episode. The first is Freddie Benson.
  • His middle name, Cornelius, is also the name Alexa Biggly gave to Opee. It's probably not a reference though.
  • He has a replica of his head.
  • He is the only returning character from #SuperPsycho to be a main character on iCarly.
  • He started to be on iCarly as a recurring character, then becomes main. With time, he started to become dumb, which is shown in Sam & Cat, where he willingly gave Nora Sam's address, despite knowing that she broke out of jail and what are her bad projects. However, Nevel thinks he's a genius compared to Cat.
  • Like Sam, he was supposed to have his own show, where after doing the iCarly webshow, he gets a gig at a recreational center where he winds up as a mentor to four offbeat middle-school students, but the show wasn't picked up.
  • It is mentioned that he sometimes gets his shirt off and that he sometimes shouts his name as a catchphrase, but he did neither of them.
  • His last name wasn't said in the episode. It is known because of iCarly.