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"I'm satisfied because someone got hurt."
— Jade in #The Killer Tuna Jump[1]

Jade West
Jade in Sam & Cat
Biographical information
Full name

Jade West




c. 1995

Resides in

Hollywood, California


Student at Hollywood Arts


Hollywood Arts High School

Physical description
Hair color

Dark brown with purple & blue highlights

Eye color


Personal information

Mr. West
Ms. West
Unnamed brother


Cat Valentine
Erwin Sikowitz
Robbie Shapiro
Sam Puckett


Crying children, bad smells


People in general

Production information
First appearance


Portrayed by

Elizabeth Gillies

Jade West is a character on Sam & Cat.[2] She is a continued character from Victorious.



Jade is a student and classmate of Cat at Hollywood Arts High School, a school in Hollywood specializing in performing arts. She is the one who suggests that Cat should live with Nona. She says that she comes from a "dark, dark place."


Jade comes to Apartment 22 because she and Cat are supposed to work on a school project together. However, she hits it off with Sam Puckett, and fuels Cat's jealousy and feelings of being neglected. Jade also goes to the Fisherman's Wharf to see Sam's stunt.


Jade is one of the scariest girls Cat knows. She isn't as aggressive or tough as Sam, but is dangerous in different ways. For example, she will stare someone down instead of blatantly attacking them, and "[she doesn't] get mad, [she gets] even" (i.e. smearing fake blood on someone's door in the middle of the night; telling Sam about Cat's crush on Robbie).


Cat Valentine

(2008-Present: Close Friend, Classmate, Project Partner)

In #The Killer Tuna Jump, Jade and Cat work on a school project together and make arrangements at each other's houses. She knew that Cat took "special vitamins" even though she didn't live with her. Clearly, they consider each other good friends, as Cat is angry at Sam for "stealing" Jade's friendship from her.

Robbie Shapiro

(2008-Present: Friend)

Jade and Robbie are also Cat's classmates at Hollywood Arts and are mutual friends. They barely have any direct contact in #The Killer Tuna Jump, and she seems annoyed and uncomfortable with him when he speaks with her at the Fisherman's Wharf. Along with Robbie, she refers to Freddie and Robbie as "Frobbie" and records their fall into the pool of Kansas Razorback Tuna. Even though Sam's stunt was not performed, Jade says that she's "satisfied because [Freddie and Robbie] got hurt."

Sam Puckett

(2014: Friend)

Initially, Cat hoped the two would never meet, as she believes they would kill each other if they did. Contrary to her belief, Sam and Jade immediately hit it off, as they learned they have many common interests. Jade and Sam hang out for many days afterwards, doing things like going to a horror movie and singing karaoke, leaving Cat out each time and making her jealous. When Cat "stole" Freddie away from Sam, Jade could tell that Sam dated him before and gives her advice to go after Cat's love interest, Robbie.


(Unknown-Present: Acquaintance)

Jade and Nona share a brief, awkward dialogue in #The Killer Tuna Jump, but Nona's knowledge of Jade's boyfriend (who has not appeared on the show) implies that the two have met before. In Victorious, Jade apparently knew of Nona, and she suggested that Cat should live with her.

Freddie Benson

(2014: Acquaintance)

At Bots, Cat asks if Jade thinks Freddie is cute; Jade grins and calls him "a pretty little chunk of boy". During the night of the stunt, Freddie asks Jade to help him get away from Robbie, and Jade refers to the two as "Frobbie". She also records Freddie and Robbie falling into the pool of killer tuna. Even though Sam's stunt was not performed, Jade says that she's "satisfied because [Freddie and Robbie] got hurt."


Jade is fairly tall and has an ample figure. She has pale skin, blue eyes, dark brown hair streaked with blue and purple, and piercings on her eyebrow. She has a Gothic sense of style, and can be found wearing plaids, black stockings, high laced boots, and clothing in dark shades.



  • She and Robbie are the reasons why Cat moved in with her Nona, which is the driving event of the entire series.
  • In Victorious, her highlights were only a darker shade of purple, lacking the blue.
  • She is the only character in The Killer Tuna Jump without a love interest from a previous show. However, she is still dating Beck Oliver, like she did in Victorious.[1]
  • She seems to have the ability to take one look at something and guess its exact measurements, shown in The Killer Tuna Jump and the Victorious episode Wanko's Warehouse.
  • She owns a red PearPhone, as does Sam.
  • She enjoys horror movies.
  • Her talent of singing from Victorious is implied in #The Killer Tuna Jump - it is mentioned that she and Sam go to a karaoke place.
  • Apparently, she often ties the corners of her shirts into a knot, as seen twice in #The Killer Tuna Jump.
  • She's sometimes called a "gank" because of her mean fashion.


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