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"That's not really Justin Bieber!"
— Cat about him

Justin Fever
Justin Fever-Sam & Cat
Biographical information
Full name

Justin Fever



Resides in

Hollywood, Los Angeles, California


Parody artist

Physical description
Hair color

Dirty blonde

Eye color


Personal information

Sam Puckett



Production information
First appearance


Last appearance


Portrayed by

Austin Fryberger

Justin Fever is a character that appears in #BabysitterWar. Sam hired him to make the three kids she and Cat were babysitting choose her as their favorite babysitter.


Not much is known about him, but he is a singer similar to Justin Bieber and even pronounces "swag" wrong. He is shown as a good singer also, much to Sam and Daisy's delight and Cat's dismay. Cat then accidentally fires a turkey at him out of the turkey cannon Dice brought over which knocks him out for a few minutes.


He likes parodying Justin Bieber for a living as shown as he pretended to be Justin Bieber after Sam paid him.



Sam paid him to perform for the three kids she and Cat were babysitting so they would pick her as their favorite babysitter.


Daisy loves Justin Fever as she loves Justin Bieber.



Sam: Daisy, meet my friend Justin Fever.
Daisy: [jumps] Oh, wow!
Cat: Do not say oh wow! He's not a real pop star, he probably tours with his mother!
Justin: Swage.
Daisy: [screams in delight]
Justin: [sings] Standing here every day-ay-ay.

Justin: [gets hit by the turkey cannon] Oof!


  • Unlike what some fans could think, he isn't a parody of Justin Bieber, as Bieber has been mentioned in some episodes, including the one in which he appears.
  • He pronounces the word "swag" wrong.


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