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Lisa Lillien
Lisa Lillien
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Lisa Lillien




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Bungle (vocal role)

Lisa Lillien, also known as Hungry Girl, is Dan Schneider's wife. She voiced Bungle on Sam & Cat.



She is the animator of Hungry Girl since May 2004. It's a free daily e-mail subscription service about healthy eating.

In 2013, she wrote the Sam & Cat episode #MadAboutShoe

Personal life

She has been married to Dan Schneider since 2002.

Other credits

Television work

Year Series Role Notes
2010 iCarly Random dancer or herself Episode iBloop, cameo.
2012 iCarly Lisa Episode iGoodbye
2013-2014 Sam & Cat Bungle Recurring vocal role

Stage work



  • There was often been references to her or her show in Schneider's shows. Also, like her husband does, she sometimes does cameos in the show, or some on-screen appearances, like when she played Marissa Benson's friend Lisa in the iCarly finale, iGoodbye.
  • Her favorite number is 22. It influenced the number of Sam and Cat's apartment, Apartment 22.


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