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A lot of things on Sam & Cat are parodies of real life things, places, or people. See this to see what are all the parodies that were on the show Sam and Cat!

Parody on Sam & Cat First appearance Parody of
Elderly Acres #Pilot Rainbow Vision/Revera
Inside Out Burger #Pilot In-N-Out Burger
Pear Company #FavoriteShow Apple Inc.
Banana Electronics #FavoriteShow Pear Company and Apple Inc.
That's a Drag! #FavoriteShow Victorious
Bibble #TheBritBrats Smartfood
Tater Joes #TheBritBrats Trader Joes
Sampong #TextingCompetition Samsung
Snorrch #ToddlerClimbing Yelp
CFC #GoomerSitting UFC
Tubba Chicken #SecretSafe KFC
Oxnard Dictionary #Lumpatious Oxford Dictionary
Blue Dog Soda #BlueDogSoda Red Bull
Bling Pops #BlueDogSoda Ring Pops
Fresno Girl Doll #FresnoGirl American Girl Doll
Chubway #SuperPsycho Subway #DroneBabyDrone Amazon

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