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Mrs. Corleone
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Resides in

Venice, Los Angeles, California



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Dice Corleone(son)
Aunt Fergene (sister/sister-in-law)


Puzzle Con


Dice staying home by himself

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#TextingCompetition (mentioned only)

Last appearance

#GettinWiggy (mentioned only)

Mrs. Corleone is a mentioned character on Sam & Cat. She is Dice's mother.



She is Dice's mother and she lives with him in the same building as Sam and Cat.


Dice said that his mom has been friend with BJ's mother, forcing him to spend time with him, much to his dismay.


She and Fergene are planning to go to Puzzle Con together, but Dice doesn't want to go there. After a discussion, she lets Dice with his friends Sam and Cat. Near the end of the episode, Dice explained that he locked Sam and Cat in the tiny room because he had to be at a girl party, dancing to earn money, to get money so he'll can buy a new laptop for her, as Fergene broke her previous laptop.


Sam is hitting a tree with a baseball bat because Ellie Farber makes her being mad. Then, the tree falls and breaks a car. Dice later says that the car that got crushed by this tree was his mother's car.


She and both Fergene caught coyote fever not much, making her unable to go with Dice to Phoenix for his hair modeling gig.


She seems to be a bit overprotective of Dice as she does not let him stay home alone, despite his age.


Dice Corleone

Dice is Mrs. Corleone's son. Mrs. Corleone expects him to do things like feeding Aunt Fergene and does not let him stay home alone, despite him being old enough.

Aunt Fergene

Fergene is her sister or sister-in-law and they like going to Puzzle Con together.



This character has no quotes because she was only mentioned.


  • She thinks that Dice is too young to stay home alone, despite him being 12½ years old.
  • She and Aunt Fergene like Puzzle Con.
  • It is assumed that she divorced with Dice's father or he is deceased because in #GettinWiggy, Dice asks Cat to come with her to Phoenix as she and Fergene are both sick and does not ask his father to take him.