Newsnewsnewsnews site

The newsnewsnewsnews website. is a recurring website on Sam & Cat. It tells many news by the presentator, Tammy Yanks.



Cat has to watch a news program and write words on news that interest her most, but she hates to watch the news, so Sam and Dice suggest her because the site gives "All new stories in 6 minutes; each story consisting in 30 seconds each." when Cat needed help with her homework. The website mentions the company of and their new flying drones delivery system that will be the focus of the episode.


In this episode, Cat watches this website again, before to find out that it talks about the fight Sam had with Rita Rooney at Punchy's, so she calls her. The website appears later when it's talking about the press conference about second fight Sam and Rita are supposed to do. She also reluctanly says "Yanks for watching" at the end.


It returns again while it's talking about Del DeVille's disappearance. In fact, he was knocked out accidentally by Sam and she, Cat, and Dice keep him in their apartment so he won't call the cops. Three months later, it is talking about the fact that Del could win a fourth Grammy because of the riff Cat played in front of him when trying her friend André's guitar, which she fixed. Three months later again, it is talking about Del again, saying that he got sued for the song with the riff Cat did because it was taken from an old hit song from the 1970's by the Monkey Due, while Cat thought she made that up, so he has to pay $26,000,000 for this.


  • In a similar fashion to other websites on the show, it redirects to in real life.
  • If they really show "30 news stories in 6 minutes", as said by Dice, that would mean that they show news stories at a rate of 12 seconds per story.

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