Peter Sinai Hospital
A room inside Peter Sinai Hospital
General information
Type Hospital
City Los Angeles
State California
People Dr. Slarm
Unnamed doctors and nurses
Stacey Dillsen (patient)
Freddie Benson (patient)
Robbie Shapiro (patient)
Crazy Steve (patient)
Nevel Papperman (patient)

Peter Sinai Hospital is a hospital shown on multiple occasions on Sam & Cat.



Stacey Dillsen was taken here after a bicycle accident. Sam and Cat snuck into this hospital in order to steal a shoe from Stacey.


Freddie Benson and Robbie Shapiro were here after being injured by Kansas Razorback Tuna.


Sam and Cat came here to see Nevel Papperman to get help.

Patients seen



  • The doctors there don't seem to pay much attention to the patients.
  • In #TheKillerTunaJump, the hospital is named St. Schneider’s Hospital outside, as a reference to the creator of the show, Dan Schneider. However, a sign names it Peter Sinai Hospital.
  • Every known patient of these hospital are returning characters.


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