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"'Cause we don't want you in there."
— The rival babysitter to Sam and Cat.

George, Grant, and Richard
George, Grant, and Richard-Sam & Cat
Biographical information
Full name

George, Grant, and Richard



Resides in

Los Angeles, CA




Rival babysitting service (formerly)

Physical description
Hair color

Dark brown (Grant)
Black (George and Richard)

Eye color

Brown (all)

Personal information



Sam Puckett
Cat Valentine


Toddlers climbing


Sam & Cat’s Super Rockin’ Fun-Time Babysitting Service

Production information
First appearance


Last appearance


Portrayed by

Tahj Bellow (George)
Shak Ghacha (Grant)
Niko Guardado (Richard)

George, Grant, and Richard are the members of a rival babysitting service who debuted in #ToddlerClimbing. They were the anonymous person who wrote fake reviews about Sam and Cat's babysitting service on


They were a babysitting service who babysat toddlers only so they could use them in gambling tournaments for money. In #ToddlerClimbing, they tried to run Sam and Cat's babysitting service out of business by posting negative reviews on They got shut down after Sam and Cat found out about their gambling scheme, thanks to undercover service by Dice.


They are obnoxious and rude as shown as they attempted to kick out Sam and Cat and wrote fake bad reviews so their babysitting service would shut down. They also don't care about the safety of babies as they have them rock climb, which is dangerous.


Unnamed friends

They have unnamed friends who gamble with them on the toddler climbing for money.


Rival babysitter: How did they get in?

Rival babysitter: Nothin'.



  • Despite running a Toddler Climbing Tournament, they babysit kids of any age (shown when they babysat Dice).
  • They are focused on playing games than babysitting.
  • The address is 5677 Barfield Drive.
  • Their names haven't been said in the episode. They are known because of the credits.


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