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"I'm the mean one."
— Sam introducing herself.

Sam Puckett
Sam wearing a red jacket
Biographical information
Full name

Samantha Puckett



Resides in

Seattle, Washington (formerly)
Venice, Los Angeles, California


Babysitter, former web star


iCarly (former web show)
Sam & Cat’s Super Rockin’ Fun-Time Babysitting Service

Physical description
Hair color


Eye color


Personal information

Pam Puckett (mother)
Melanie Puckett (twin sister)


Cat Valentine
Goomer Merr
Freddie Benson
Carly Shay (mentioned)
Gibby Gibson
Jade West
Robbie Shapiro


Mrs. Torso
Rival Babysitting Service
Gwen and Ruby
Alexa Biggly
Nora Dershlit


Fried chicken, ham, her butter sock, Bolivian bacon, fat cakes, fat shakes, root beers


Hugging (sometimes), the word "panties," the letter Q, stripes on boys' shirts

Production information
First appearance


Portrayed by

Jennette McCurdy

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Samantha "Sam" Puckett is one of the title characters on the show alongside Cat Valentine. She is a continued character from iCarly.

Sam is portrayed by Jennette McCurdy.



Sam was a web star from iCarly, residing in Seattle and retired when her friend/co-host Carly left to go live in Italy. Afterwards, she decided to travel the country on her motorcycle until settling in Los Angeles and rescuing Cat from being demolished in a trashcan with garbage.

Season one

Sam buddies up with an eccentric Cat Valentine in #Pilot to start a babysitting business to fund their crazy adventures.

Sam is more mature in Sam & Cat than she was in iCarly. This could be because of her age now or because she has figured out she has to take care of herself, now that Carly lives in Italy. It is also possible that Cat's childish behavior is responsible for this.


Sam is not afraid of anything and is a certified master at fighting her way out of just about any situation. She has a great street sense and is also considered a tomboy.[1] Sam is shown to be a good liar, and a very tough person like she was in iCarly in #GoomerSitting when she beat the stuffing out of John Zakappa.


Cat Valentine

(2011: Acquaintance) (2013-present: Best Friend; Roommate; Co-worker)

After finding her way to Los Angeles after driving on her motorcycle from Seattle, Sam meets Cat and becomes her best pal and protector. Her street sense keeps Cat out of trouble, while Cat's motherly nature keeps Sam leveled and grounded. They start a babysitting business, sparking their new lives together as teen entrepreneurs. They can fight at times, but they eventually make up afterward.[1] (See Cat and Sam.)


(2013-present: Good friends)

Sam and Dice made their first interaction in the first episode, Dice knew Sam from iCarly and paid money for a piece of her hair to sell. They are good friends and do help each other out. (See Sam and Dice)

Freddie Benson

(2007-present: Enemies; Frenemies; Best Friends; Ex-boyfriend)

On iCarly, Sam's relationship with Freddie started out as enemies into frenemies and finally best friends and have dated before. They often bring up that they have dated before though both of them do have their own reservations about it. In the final episode of iCarly, iGoodbye, Freddie asks Sam over the phone if she wants to get back together, and Sam replies with, "What?! you?" Her answer is never fully established, as Freddie quickly changes the subject and they do not speak of it again.

After Sam moves to L.A. they do still keep in contact with one another and Sam mentions him in #ToddlerClimbing asking him who is giving her and Cat's business low ratings. When Freddie goes to L.A. in #TheKillerTunaJump, Sam got upset when Freddie didn't contact her and is hanging out with Cat. Throughout the episode, they often drop hints that they still have feelings for one another as Freddie immediately rushed to L.A. after Cat told him Sam was injured and Sam rushed in to help Freddie out of the Killer Tuna tank. While Freddie is still the punching bag to Sam's gags, it's shown that they do still consider each other very close friends with a possibility of getting back together.

Jade West

(2014-present: Friends)

When Sam meets Jade, after Cat tried to prevent them from meeting due to their similar personalities thus clashing with one another, they hit it off almost immediately. They do start hanging out more often because of this and they appreciate each other's interests, especially when it involves the discomfort and torture of others.


  • Sam in Sam & Cat is Jennette McCurdy's first lead role in a television series.
  • Sam hates babies and children on iCarly, but she and Cat started a babysitting business in Sam & Cat. In the iCarly episode iSell Penny Tees, Sam is shown not to like children, so Sam treating the kids in her and Cat's babysitting business well is a change from iCarly. According to Jennette McCurdy, Cat's infectious behavior rubs off on Sam, so Sam is more respectful to children on Sam & Cat.[2]
  • In the iCarly finale "iGoodbye", Carly and Sam told the iCarly web show viewers that they are simply "taking a break," and it is "not the end," so some people speculated that Sam & Cat may take place during this "break," which is true.
  • As seen in #Pilot, she has skills in tattooing.
  • According to Dan and the episode #FavoriteShow, Sam is educated online.[3]
  • Sam loves prank calls as shown in #NewGoat.
  • Sam sometimes wears odd socks as seen in a few episodes, but not as odd as Spencer wore in iCarly.
  • That's a Drag! was her favorite TV show until its cancellation in #FavoriteShow.
  • Her last name has been mistaken as "Puckell" by Cat in three episodes and "Pickle" by Goomer in #MommaGoomer.
  • Her twin sister, Melanie, appeared on Sam & Cat in the episode, #Twinfection.[4]
  • She is really strong because she was able to defeat professional fighters and yank a parking meter out of the ground.
  • The zip code where she lives is 90291.
  • Since she was 5 years-old, every Halloween she fills a pumpkin with chili and eats it.
  • Sam knows many pressure points.
  • She bought 10 pounds of crab legs with Nona's credit card.
  • She can speak 4 languages: English, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese.
  • Sam can be convinced to do something by Fried Chicken as seen in #MagicATM.
  • It was revealed in #MyPoober that Sam's uncle was a robber.
  • It was revealed in #MagicATM that her favorite store was "Oh My God Meats".
  • Sam's motorcycle is often referred as a 1964 Sterling. In real life, it's a modified 2010 Triumph Bonneville T100 motorcycle.
  • In The Killer Tuna Jump it was revealed that she has a lot of restaurants in her contact list.
  • Sam seems to like the Lakers.


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