The Lil' Sam & Cat Show
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General information
Genre Web series
Starring Lil' Sam
Lil' Cat
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 59
Production information
Original channel Sam & Cat official website
The Lil' Sam & Cat Show is an online web series on the official Sam & Cat website. It is hosted by Lil' Sam and Lil' Cat, who are both animated cartoon characters.


The show, hosted by Lil' Sam and Lil' Cat, features a series of Sam & Cat backstage clips. It also includes contest and fun activities where fans can be part of the show like no one has ever done before. The show can be seen on Sam & Cat's Website and Sam & Cat's Page on


Main characters

  • Lil' Sam
  • Lil' Cat
  • Lil' Dice

Recurring characters


# Image Title Date Published
101 Overlay Pilot
The Lil' Sam & Cat Show June 8, 2013

You've seen Sam & Cat, now watch the cartoon about the show!
Segments: Interview with Jennette and Ari!, How We Did It: Couch Stunt and Darby or Dummy?

102 Overlay FavoriteShow
The Lil' Sam & Cat Show #2 June 15, 2013

Lil' Sam & Cat are back with an ALL-NEW show full of stunts, shrimp, and much more! (Except pizza, sorry.)
Segments: How We Did It: The Car Stunt, Fun with Meat! and Send in Your Mug Shots!

104 Overlay BritBrat
The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: #TheBritBrats!!! June 22, 2013

Lil' Sam & Cat are pumped for this week's new episode featuring guest stars Sophia Grace and Rosie! Plus, watch to see who made The Mug Shot!
Segments: The Sundae Showdown!, Jennette's REAL Grandparents! and The Mug Shot!

103 Overlay NewGoat
The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: #NewGoat June 29, 2013

Lil' Sam & Cat interview Murf the Goat. Plus, see how Sam & Cat stunts are done and find out who's on this week's mug!
Segments: The Murf Cam!, How We Did It: Nona's Stunt and The Mug Shot!

108 Overlay TextingCompetition
The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: #TextingCompetition July 13, 2013

Play "What's the Difference" with Lil' Sam & Cat, see which fan made it into the show, and watch a new On-Set Challenge live from the Sam & Cat studio dumpsters! (Ew!)
Segments: What's the Difference?, Suck An Egg and You've Been Framed!

105 Overlay BabysitterWar
The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: #BabysitterWar July 20, 2013

Sam & Cat get a NEW bedroom, Sam TERRIFIES Cat, and we all enjoy a little rap attack! Plus, find out how YOU can name one of our robots from Bots the restaurant!
Segments: The Room Reveal (And Scare), Rap Attack! and Name the Robot!

106 Overlay GoomerSitting
The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: #GoomerSitting July 27, 2013

Ari and Jennette face off in the Suckerthon!!! Lil' Cat meets Robo-Sam! And, find out which FAN named our ROBOT! Watch it!
Segments: The Suckerthon, Scream Meter and Name the Robot!

107 Overlay ToddlerClimbing
The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: #ToddlerClimbing August 3, 2013

Lil' Cat gets her very own unicorn, Ariana learns how to speak goat, we deal with some terrible toddlers, and one of YOU makes our MUG! Watch Now!
Segments: Goat Talking, Toddler Climbing and Mug Shot

111 Video Overlay
The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: #MommaGoomer August 10, 2013

It's time for a Lil' Sam & Cat POOL PARTY filled with bellyflops, brain freeze, and a very angry bird!
Segments: Doodle Duel, Sikowitz Gets Emotional, and Fan of the Week

112 Overlay BabysittingCommercial
The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: #BabysittingCommercial September 14, 2013

ALL NEW LIL' SAM & CAT!!! Watch as kids try to explain what happened on Sam & Cat! Plus, Jennette interviews a toilet!
Segments: Kids Explain The Show, Toilet Confessional, and Freezer Frame

109 Overlay RevengeOfTheBritBrats
The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: #RevengeOfTheBritBrats September 21, 2013

ALL-NEW Lil' Sam & Cat Show! Lil' Cat gets lost, Jennette and Cameron play a new game, and Ariana and Jennette sing a scene from the show!
Segments: Sing a Scene, Shirts Shirts Shirts, and You've Been Framed!

110 Overlay MotorcycleMystery
The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: #MotorcycleMystery September 28, 2013

Jennette and Ariana go dancing with the guest stars, tell you 6 things you shouldn't bring into the bathtub, and more!
Segments: Hector's Bedtime Story, Dancing With The Guest Stars, and Fan of the Week

113 Overlay SecretSafe
The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: #SecretSafe October 5, 2013

Lil' Sam & Cat have a super surprise, Jennette and Ari make faces at the camera, and Jerry Trainor punks us all!
Segments: This Is My Face When, Loose Stool Competition, and Fan of the Week

115 Video Overlay
Lil' Sam & Cat Show: #OscarTheOuch October 12, 2013

So much happens: Bug fights, secrets from the set, lots of screaming, and a short video of every time the word "butt" was said on Sam & Cat!
Segments: How We Did It: The Bench Stunt, On Set Challenge: Ice Cream or Scream, and Fan of the Week

114 Video Overlay
The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: #DollSitting! October 18, 2013

Today, we're playing How Smart Is This Monkey?, singing the Sam & Cat theme song--BADLY, and showing off our fan of the week!
Segments: How Smart Is This Monkey?, Sam and Cat's Theme Song, and Fan of the Week

Best Of Video Overlay
Lil' Sam & Cat Show: Best Of October 26, 2013

Lil' Dice shows you his favorite moments from our show while Lil' Sam & Cat ditch work for the beach!
Segments: Lil' Dice's Fave Moments, Best of Lil' Sam & Cat, and Best from the Set

119 Video Overlay
The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: #PeezyB November 1, 2013

Kel Mitchell & Jennette square off in a Sip 'N Spit challenge and it's exactly how it sounds. Jennette and Ari thank a fan -- and other weird stuff happens!
Segments: Sip 'N Spit, PeezyB Raps To Fishes, and Fan of the Week

Video Overlay 117 - Revised
The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: #SalmonCat November 8, 2013

The Lil's go under the sea! Plus, Jennette and Ari SING A SCENE and fix their hair with fake hands!
Segments: Sing a Scene, Puppet Show, and You've Been Framed

116 Video Overlay
The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: #Twinfection November 15, 2013

Jennette bring us another installment of "How We Did It," guest stars dance around, and a whole lotta Lil' Sams show up.
Segments: Dancing With The Guest Stars, How We Did It: Breaking Glass, and Fan of the Week

118 Video Overlay
The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: #MyPoober November 22, 2013

The Lil's head to space and meet some slimy characters! Plus, Jennette and Ari destroy a stuffed bear and Woody sings!
Segments: Destroying Poober, Strange Men Re-Enact a Scene From Sam & Cat, and Fan of the Week

120 Video Overlay-new
The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: #MadAboutShoe November 29, 2013

Wash down Thanksgiving dinner with a Lil' Sam & Cat full of spaghetti slinging and a talking turkey.
Segments: Spaghetti Surprise, How We Did It: Bike vs Pipe, and Fan of the Week

A103 Video Overlay
#MiniMagicShow December 13, 2013

Brand new MINI episode! Watch Cameron's awesome magic trick. How'd he do that?
Segment: Cameron's Magic

Christmas Video Overlay
#ChristmasShindig December 20, 2013

Lil' Sam & Cat are throwing a Christmas party! Check out NEW Christmas song from Ari and Jennette and more!
Segments: The 4 Days of Christmas! and Refusing Holiday Treats

More Christmas Video overlay
#MoreChristmas December 27, 2013

You think Christmas is over? Think again! Watch Ari and Jennette try (and fail) to send their fans a special holiday greeting!
Segment: Christmas Leftovers

123 Video Overlay
#MagicATM January 3, 2014

Put on your footie pajamas, we're having a slumber party! And it wouldn't be a Lil' Sam & Cat show without weird animals, a special guest star, and more On-Set Challenges!
Segments: Ziggity Zag Race, Fun With Cuffs and Fan of the Week

122 Video Overlay
#Lumpatious January 10, 2014

The lil' studio is frozen over, so we're watching some awesome new clips to heat things up! See the Ari Cam, meet a weirdo, and more!
Segments: Ari Cam, Where's Weirdo and The Elderly of the Month

124 Video Overlay-new
#TheKillerTunaJump January 17, 2014

Lil' Sam & Cat are so excited to watch Sam & Cat's new one hour special! Freddie, Jade, Robbie, Killer Tuna… what's not to love?!
Segments: How We Did It: Tuna Tank, Name That Tuna and Fan of the Week

121 Video Overlay 1
#YayDay January 24, 2014

We're STILL celebrating Yay Day on Sam & Cat! You've seen the episode on TV, now watch the LIL' SHOW!!!
Segments: History of Yay Day, Special Announcement and Fan of the Week

A104 Video Overlay
#Lil'SamShow January 31, 2014

Lil' Sam's gonna host today's mini-show all by herself! (Unless Lil' Cat finds out.) Oh, and Randy and BJ get their egg smashin' on!
Segment: Which Egg Is Raw?

126 Video Overlay
#BrainCrush February 7, 2014

We've got Brain Crush fever on the Lil' Sam and Cat Show! Plus, the Lil's build a roller coaster INSIDE their studio, Jennette juggles, and small ninjas attack!
Segments: Sound Effects Swap, Juggling With Jennette and Fan of the Week

127 Video Overlay
#BlueDogSoda February 14, 2014

The Lil's are in a bit of trouble this week… all because of a blue dog named, Fizzy. Watch what goes down and see more awesome stuff from the set of Sam & Cat!
Segments: Hide Your Blue Dog Soda, Fave Moments In Reverse and Fan of the Week

128 Video Overlay
#BlooperEpisode February 21, 2014

We're doing a Lil' show all about the Sam & Cat blooper episode! What could go wrong? (Hint: Everything!)
Segments: Tongue Touch and Hollywood Stories

A105.1 Video Overlay
#Lil'Cook-A-Thon February 28, 2014

It's another Mini Episode!!! Welcome to the Lil' Sam & Cat Cook-A-Thon! We've got talking chickens and soup explosions! Plus, a mixed up sentence!
Segment: A Weird Sentence

A105.2 Video Overlay
#Lil'GoomerInLove March 7, 2014

Meet Lil' Goomer's strange GIRLFRIEND and watch an even stranger Random Tip from Sam & Cat!
Segment: A Tip From Sam & Cat

129 Video Overlay
#FresnoGirl March 14, 2014

The Lil's sneak onto the set of Sam & Cat! Plus, Randy plays with dolls and weiners get flung! Check out our show to see it all!
Segments: How We Did It, Randy Plays With Dolls and Fan of the Week

130 Video Overlay
#StuckInABox March 21, 2014

Lil' Cat is stuck in a tube and there's no way to get her out! Plus, play a game with Jennette and Zoran and see other cool clips from Sam & Cat!
Segments: Who's In the Box?, Jennette Interviews a "Writer" and Fan of the Week

37 133 Video Overlay SuperPsycho #SuperPsycho March 28, 2014

Go behind the scenes of #SuperPsycho! Plus, Lil' Sam & Cat host The Very Lil' Awards... and it's not your typical awards show!
Segments: The Longest Note and Sam & Cat Theme Song Remix

38 A104 Part 2 Video Overlay ToothFight #ToothFight April 4, 2014

All New Mini Show!!! Help Lil' Goomer find his lost tooth and watch Jennette and Ari hug random stuff!
Segment: Hugging Stuff

39 131 Video Overlay DroneBabyDrone #DroneBabyDrone April 11, 2014

Cameron (Dice) and Zoran (Goomer) are taking over today's Lil' Sam & Cat Show! Plus, Lil' Sam blows some stuff up.
Segments: Cameron & Zoran Talk, Cameron's Hair and Fan of the Week

40 A106 Part 1 Video Overlay LilWishes #LilWishes April 18, 2014

Make a Wish! Okay… did you wish for a brand new Lil' Sam & Cat mini show?! 'Cuz that's what you got!!! Enjoy :)
Segment: Knock Knock

41 132 Video Overlay FirstClassProblems #FirstClassProblems April 25, 2014

Lil' Sam & Cat's REAL fans (YOU) are awesome but their cartoon fans are nuts! Also, check out our special guest star from Zoey 101!
Segments: No, Coco, No! and Why is Coco crying now?

42 A107p1 Video Overlay BiggieNeedsBraces #BiggieNeedsBraces May 2, 2014

Lil' Sam & Cat turn their studio into a "fancy" restaurant to pay for Biggie's braces! Plus, "Goomer" and "Dice" tell us how they really feel!
Segment: Venting With Dice & Goomer

43 A107pt2 Video Overlay DateDisaster #DateDisaster May 9, 2014

The Lil's turn their studio into a restaurant again! Nurse Stainy and The Roach go on a terrible date! Plus, don't miss another "Dice" and "Goomer" video!
Segment: Punchy's Poses

44 A106 Part 2 Video Overlay 832 NightmareNap #NightmareNap May 16, 2014

Lil' Sam wants a nap. Too bad our show is too awesome to snooze through. Plus… check out all the insane stunts on Sam & Cat!
Segment: Stunts, Stunts, STUNTS!

45 A108 Part 2 Video Overlay BagO'Burgers #BagO'Burgers May 23, 2014

Lil' Sam bought enough burgers for everyone! Too bad she's eating them all herself. Plus.. watch a tasty new video from Sam & Cat!
Segment: Eating Stuff

46 A108pt2 Video Overlay BearScares #BearScares May 30, 2014

How we made this week's show: Step 1: Invited our friends over. Step 2: Hired a bear to scare them. Step 3: Watched insane stunts IN REVERSE!
Segment: Stunts, BACKWARDS!

47 134 Video Overlay KnockOut #KnockOut June 6, 2014

Cat gets sneezy, bananas are eaten, and a perfectly good newscast is totally ruined!
Segments: How to Eat a Banana; "Breaking" the News; and Fan of the Week

48 A109pt1 Video Overlay 832 DingDing #DingDing June 13, 2014

Lil' Sam & Cat show off their hot new beach cruisers and some awkward freeze frames!
Segment: Awkward Freeze Frames

49 A109pt2 Video Overlay 832 BikesBeGone #BikesBeGone June 20, 2014

The Lil's bikes get jacked! Plus, do you know how many kids Sam & Cat have babysat for? Test your S&C smarts!
Segment: How Many Kids did Sam & Cat Babysit?

50 A110pt1 Video Overlay 832 Sunburnated #Sunburnated June 27, 2014

Lil' Cat gets toasty. Lil' Sam gets testy. And we add weird music to some Sam & Cat scenes!
Segment: Inappropriate Music

51 A110pt2 Video Overlay HungryHypnosis #HungryHypnosis July 3, 2014

Lil' Sam makes everyone all hypnotic! Plus, the Lil's have prepared a lil' video called: Sam & Cat by the numbers! Enjoy!
Segment: By The Numbers

52 135 Video OverlayWeStealARockStar #WeStealARockStar July 11, 2014

Rock out with Lil' Sam & Cat! Plus meet the rock star Sam & Cat stole. Yes. Stole!
Segments: Del Deville!; Bitter Guest Star; Fan of the Week

53 136 Video OverlayGettinWiggy #GettinWiggy July 18, 2014

Lil' Cat wigs out. We meet a real life Hollywood production assistant! And, Nona tells the longest story ever!!!
Segments: We Abuse A P.A.; Nona's Story; Fan of the Week

54 A111pt1 Video Overlay BustedBicycle #BustedBicycle August 1, 2014

Hey Kids! Here's why you shouldn't let barnyard animals borrow your bike!
Segment: How We Did It: Bike & Balloon

55 A111pt2 Video Overlay CurlyKeys #CurlyKeys August 18, 2014

Lil' Sam loses her keys. Lil' Cat is no help. Plus, we've got monkeys and goats and chickens! Oh my!
Segment: Animal Crack-ups

56 A112pt1 Video Overlay LilCrush #LilCrush August 29, 2014

Lil' Cat's crushing on a real-life boy. Meanwhile, Lil' Sam's fallen in love with a batch o'cookies. Typical.
Segment: Jace In Slow Motion

57 A113pt1 Video Overlay LilDiceShow #LilDiceShow September 12, 2014

Lil' Sam helps Lil' Dice apply to Hollywood Arts High School. Spoiler alert: It doesn't go well.
Segment: Best of Lil' Dice

58 A112pt2 Video Overlay SuperPowers #SuperPowers September 26, 2014

The Lil's wish for superpowers, and Lil' Sam's is especially tasty. Plus, find out what the Lil's are watching on TV these days!
Segment: Henry Danger

59 A113pt2 Video Overlay HollywoodAssistants #HollywoodAssistants October 10, 2014

The Lil's get personal -- personal assistants, that is. Plus, ever hear of an on-set ear cleaner? Well now you have!
Segment: Hollywood Assistants