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Uncle Hubbins
Uncle Hubbins-Sam & Cat
Biographical information

Uncle Hubbins (Gwen and Ruby)

Resides in

Venice, Los Angeles, California

Physical description
Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color


Personal information

Gwen and Ruby (nieces)
Gwen and Ruby's father (brother/brother-in-law)


Sam Puckett
Cat Valentine

Production information
First appearance


Last appearance

#RevengeOfTheBritBrats (mentioned)

Portrayed by

Matthew Brenher

Uncle Hubbins is a minor character on Sam & Cat. He is the uncle of Gwen and Ruby.


He took Gwen and Ruby to Sam and Cat's apartment to be babysat.


He is a kind and polite man. He is possibly unaware of his nieces' habit of conning people. He will also do anything to make sure his daughters are okay and safe. This was revealed is #RevengoOfTheBritBrats, when Gwen and Ruby's class got head lice.


Gwen and Ruby

The girls are his nieces, and they sometimes come to Los Angeles to visit him.

Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine

He is Sam and Cat's neighbor. He asked the girls to babysat his nieces. In #RevengeOfTheBritBrats, the girls have him on their contacts, implying that they could befriend.




  • He is British.


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