1-4. #iReuniteWithCarly: This Sam and Cat 2 hour movie event would be when Sam and Cat visit Carly in Italy. The episode would start with Sam calling Carly in Italy to see if she could visit. After Carly says yes then Sam invites Freddie, Gibby, and Spencer to come with her along with Cat, Nona, and Goomer. However Cat then decides since Sam invited her friends then she could invite her friends. She invites Tori, Jade, Beck, Andre, and Robbie. Trina then hears that Tori is going to go to Italy and ask Tori if she could go with her. After Tori says no then Tori and Trinas parents tell Tori she has to take Trina (just as they did in the Victorious special "Locked Up"). Spencer, Gibby, and Freddie all drive up to LA to fly with Sam and Cat along with their friends, Nona, and Dice. However Ms. Benson unexpectently shows up and insist that she flys with them because she doesn't want Freddie to fly alone. They then all go to the Airport and when they get to their terminal they find out that the flight to Italy is delayed due to bad weather. Sam then calls Carly and tells her she is going to be late. Their flight ends up departing 2 hours late. When they land at the airport that they are suppose to change flights in they find out that they missed their flight. However the flight attendents send another flight over for Sam and Cat and their friends since it was not their fault that the flight they flew out from LA was late departing. They then land in Italy and pick up their luggage and go to the pick up spot. They then see Carly and her dad (Colonel Steven Shay). Carly and Colonel Shay are shocked when they see how many people Sam and Cat brought with them. Nona then goes in the airport to find a way to rent a car. She then rents a van and all of Cats friends, Trina, Ms. Benson, and Dice ride in the van while all of Sams friends plus Spencer ride in Carly and Colonel Shay car. They then all drive to Carlys house. However they must get 2 hotel rooms after they realize their is too many people to fit in Carlys house. Sam, Freddie, Gibby, and Spencer then all hang out with Carly. They then do a Reunion iCarly Webcast while everyone watches them. After the webcast Tori, Beck, Jade, Cat, Trina, Robbie, and Andre all decide to take a tour of Italy. On the tour they meet a music producer and they go to his recording studio with him. They then sing and after hearing all of them, the record producer decides he wants to sign Tori, Cat, and Andre to record deals. Tori and Andre sign immedietly while Cat isn't sure that she wants to sign because she knows if she signs she will have to leave her friend Sam. After thinking it over, Cat decides not to sign because she doesn't want to leave Sam. Cat and her friends then all go back to Carlys house. The special then fast forwards to the end of the trip and Carly and her dad drive the same people they drove to their house while Nona drives the same people she drove to Carlys house and returns the rental car. Carly, Sam, Freddie, Gibby, and Spencer all then tear up and hug Carly goodbye. Sam and Cat and everyone they brought with them then fly back to LA. Sam and Cat and their friends then go to Sam and Cats apartment and talk about how much fun they had in Italy. Cats friends, Dice, Goomer, and Nona then go back to their homes. Sams friends meanwhile stay the night in Sam and Cats apartment. In the morning they then get in the car they drove up here and drive back to Seattle. Sam and Cat then talk about how they missed spending time together but how much fun it was hanging out with their friends. At the end of the special Carly then calls Sam and ask Sam if she could visit her in LA. Sam then says yes, jumps up and down, and smiles. The special then ends.

5. #BailingOutSam: The episode would be when Sam and Cat go to Bots for lunch and recieve the bill they realize that they don't have enough money to pay the bill. Sam then decides to sneak out of Bots without paying. The Robot employees at Bots then call the police. The police then catch Sam when she gets back to the apartment. They then arrest her and put up a $5,000 bail. Sam then calls Cat to see if they enough money to bail her out. Cat then checks and realizes that they don't have enough money. She then goes to Nona to see if she has enough money to bail Sam out. Nona says she doesn't have enough money because she has to save her money for her retirement. Cat then goes to Dice to check if he has enough money and he says he doesn't have enough. After that Cat goes back to the apartment and calls Sam and ask her who else she should ask. Sam tells her to call her mom, Pam Pucket. Cat then calls Pam. Pam says she has the money. She then comes up to LA and meets Cat at the apartment after Cat gives her directions to the apartment. They then go to to police department together and bail Sam out. Sam is then ordered to pay the bill she hadn't paid at Bots after she realized she didn't have enough money. Pam pays that bill for Sam. Sam and Pam then hug. Sam then introduces Cat to her mom. Cat then says Nice to Meet You. The episode then ends.

6. #SideJob: After Sam and Cat don't get a lot of babysitting jobs for awhile Sam decides to get a job at Bots. However after Sam gets hired at Bots then suddently a bunch of parents ask for babysitting. Cat is forced to babysit by herself and finds it stressful without Sam around. Sam must then decide wheather or not to quit her job at Bots to help Cat babysit.

7. #DannyInTown: Cats boyfriend Danny (from the VICTORiOUS episode Cats Boyfriend) comes back to LA from college to visit Cat. However when Danny is in town Sam feels like Cat is ignoring her and gets upset. Sam trys to bribe Cat to pay attention to her by offering to buy her bibble (from VICTORiOUS). Cat doesn't take the bribe. While Danny is using the restroom, Sam notices that Danny left his phone on the table in the living room. She then looks at Danny text messages, only to discover that Danny is cheating on Cat. Sam trys to tell Cat but Cat doesn't believe her and believes Sam is only saying this to get her attention. Sam must then find a way to prove to Cat that Danny is cheating on her. At the end of the episode Sam proves to Cat that Danny is cheating on her by showing her Dannys text messages.

8-9. #CancerStruck: In this One Hour special Cat decides to visit Nona. However when she gets their Nona isn't feeling very well. Nona then decides to go to a doctor and Cat goes with her. Sam rides her motorcycle over to the doctors office to meet Cat and Nona. The doctor runs test on Nona and Nona is diagnosed with stage 1 Breast Cancer. Nona then gets informed of different treatments for her cancer. Nona chooses that BCS treatment. Nona goes for treatment multiple times and by the end of the special Nona is cured. Cat and Nona cry and hug each other. The episode then ends.

10. #ZoeySitting: Sam and Cat get a call from a girl named Zoey Brooks (from Zoey 101) about babysitting a large group of kids from a preschool at PCA for 4 days and nights. Sam and Cat talk it offer and accept the job. Zoey then drives all the preschoolers to LA for Sam and Cat to babysit. When Sam and Cat realize how many kids Zoey wanted them to babysit they realize they are going to need help. They then call Nona, Dice, and Goomer to help. They then all come over and babysit for 4 days and nights. Zoey then comes back on the 5th day in the morning to pick the kids up. Zoey then pays Sam and Cat $1,000. After Zoey leaves then Sam and Cat vow never to accept a job that a big ever again and to ask for the exact number of kids before accepting a job from now on.

Note: This is a partial crossover with the former Nickelodeon series Zoey 101 which aired from 2005-2008. However the only Zoey 101 character that appears is Zoey Brooks.

11. #ChristmasJob: Sam and Cat get an offer to babysit 2 kids on Christmas. Sam and Cat then say they will only do it for $600 per kid. The mother is so desperate that she agrees to pay the $600 per kid. Sam and Cat then celebrate Christmas with the kids and buy each kid some candy for Christmas. At the end of the evening the mother comes back and picks up her kids. She pays Sam and Cat $1,200 and leaves. Sam and Cat jump in the air and laugh with joy. The episode then ends.

12. #BabysittingSam: When Sam and Cat are babysitting they play catch with a coconut (a reference to Sikowitz cocouts from VICTORiOUS). However while playing catch Cat throws the coconut too hard and it hits Sam in the head. Sam then gets knocked out. When Sam wakes up she begins acting like a toddler. Cat must then babysit Sam until she gets back to normal. Cat calls Nona and tells her about Sam and ask Nona to come over. Nona then comes over and helps babysit Sam. Nona and Cat sit on the couch thinking about how to get Sam back to normal. Nona calls up her friend who is a retired doctor and ask the friend to come over to help Sam. She then comes over. When she comes over Cat decides to try throwing the coconut at Sam again to see if that cures Sam. Hitting Sam in the head with the coconut again ends up curing Sam. Nona and her friend then leave. Cat says its good to have you back Sam. The episode then ends.

13. #CoconutSitting: When Cat is at class at Hollywood Arts, Sikowitz ask Cat if she and Sam would be able to babysit his coconuts while he is out of town for a few days. Cat tells Sikowitz she needs to ask Sam what she thinks before making a decision. The next day Cat comes back to Sikowitz class and says she and Sam accept the job. Sikowitz then comes over to Sam and Cats apartment and drops off his coconuts that he needs Sam and Cat to babysit. Sam and Cat then put the coconuts in their refridgerator in a special spot so they know those are Sikowitz coconuts. When Sikowitz comes back to pick up his coconuts Sam and Cat give him back to the coconuts. Sikowitz then pays Sam and Cat $80. The episode then ends.

14. #MommaSinjin: When Sinjins mom is tired of Sinjin living she calls up Cat and ask if Sinjin can move in with her and Sam. Cat says no but then Sinjins mom bribes her by saying she will pay for all Sinjins expenses and will pay them $500 per week for Sinjin to live with them. Sam and Cat then accept the offer. Sinjin then moves in. However after just 1 day they realize that they can't stand living with Sinjin. They then devise a way to get Sinjin to move out of the apartment. They start taking Sinjins stuff out of the apartment and putting into a garbage can that they borrowed. Once they got all the stuff out they tell Sinjin all his stuff was stolen. Sinjin then decides he is going to have to move back with his mother. He then goes back to his mothers house and Sinjins mom calls Cat and ask why Sinjin left and she says his stuff was stolen. Sinjins mom then offers to replace all of Sinjins stuff so that he can move back. Cat says no and hangs up. Sam and Cat then sit down and have something to drink to celebrate kicking Sinjin out. The episode then ends.

15. #DrakeConcert: Drake Parker, his band, and manager Josh Nichols (from Drake and Josh) come to Los Angeles for a concert. Sam and Cat want to get to tickets to go to the concert but the concert is sold out. Sam and Cat then call up Dice and ask Dice about getting them tickets to the concert. As it turns out the concert is happending at a place that is owned by one of Dice friends. Dice gets Sam and Cat tickets to go to the concert. However they show up late to the concert and must find another way in. They see that the backstage door was left open. They sneak through back stage and get caught by security. However as security trys to escort them out they see Drake Parker and Josh Nichols. Sam and Cat then get Drake and Josh to have security release and let them go to the concert. Sam and Cat then go to their concert seats and watch the concert. After the concert they get back on stage and get Drakes signature. Sam and Cat then leave the concert and the episode ends.

Note: This is a partial crossover with the former Nickelodeon series Drake and Josh which aired from 2004-2007 and returned for a film in 2008. However the only Drake and Josh characters that appear are Drake Parker, Josh Nichols and Drakes band.

16. #BloopandBlooper: This is a Sam and Cat blooper episode.

17. #SpencerinTown: Sams friend Spencer Shay (from iCarly) comes to LA to visit Sam and Cat. Sam and Cat then show Spencer around town and hang out with Spencer. At the end of the episode Spencer leaves town and the episode ends.

18. #Webcast: Sam misses doing iCarly with her friend Carly Shay so she talks to Cat about trying to start doing a webcast with her. Cat agrees to do the webcast. Sam then invites Goomer, Dice, and Nona over. Goomer and Dice then run the camera and Nona watches the webcast. The webcast doesn't go very well and they have technical problems. Sam and Cat then realize that they will not be able to do the webcast again if they are going to maintain their friendship. They then do a farewell webcast explaining that they are not doing anymore webcast. The episode then ends.

19-20. #StuckOnTheSubway: In this ONE HOUR special Sam and Cat are visiting New York City. However while they are riding the subway back to their hotel they fall asleep. When they wake up they realize they missed their stop and that the stop they needed to get off at is an hour away. They must then figure out where the next stop on the subway is and get off and figure out which subway goes towards their hotel. Sam calls up Dice and ask Dice if he knows the subway schedule and routes in NYC. Dice then looks up the subway and finds the route for Sam and Cat. Sam and Cat then get off the subway at the next stop and wait for the subway to go back to their hotel. When that subway gets their they get on and ride to their hotel stop. They then walk into their hotel room and talk about what happend and then go to sleep. The special then ends.

21. #DiceInCharge: Sam and Cat leave town for a week and leave Dice in charge of their apartment. However when Dice gets to the apartment he realizes he forgot his keys to the apartment and cellphone back at his house. Dice then walks up to one of Sam and Cats neighbors apartments and asked to use the phone so he could call Goomer to pick up and take him to his to get the keys and cellphone. The neighbor allows Dice to use the phone. Goomer then comes over and Dice and Goomer go to Dice house and Dice gets out and gets his cellphone and the keys to Sam and Cats apartment. Dice and Goomer then drive back to Sam and Cats apartment and open it up. Everything is fine except when DIce and Goomer leave they realize they left the keys in the apartment and get locked out. They then go to Sam and Cats landlord and get let in the apartment. They get the keys and leave and Goomer takes Dice back to his house and then Goomer goes home. The episode then ends.

Note: This is the first episode of the series that Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande are absent in the series as their respective characters Sam Pucket and Cat Valentine. This episode has the fewest amount of characters appearing in the series. Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande are absent due to taking a week off but an episode needed to be filmed so an episode was created that Jennette and Ariana would not be needed for.

22. #SamandTori: When Cat is sick at her Nonas house, Sam must babysit 2 little boys by herself. However when she finds that she can't handle babysitting on her own she calls up Cats friend Tori Vega. Tori then comes over and helps Sam babysit. Sam and Tori take the boys to Bots for lunch and then come back to the apartment. A little bit after they come back to the apartment the boys mom comes to the apartment and picks the boys up. Sam then thanks Tori for her help. Tori says your welcome and then the episode ends.

Note: This is the second episode and second straight episode of the series that Ariana Grande is absent for. Ariana is absent due to filming a guest starring role for another TV show.

23. #TalentShow: The Hollywood Arts Talent Show is coming up and Cat decides to enter. Cat then must decide what Talent she is going to show. Cat decides to sing and dance. Cats friends Tori Vega, Jade West, Beck Oliver, Andre Harris, Trina Vega, Robbie Shaprio, and Sinjin Van Cleef also enter the talent show. Cat must wait for them to all show their talents before she goes. Tori and Andre and Andre also plays the piano, Jade sings, Beck does improve, Trina does Karate, Robbie shows his ventrioquist skills, and Sinjin shows off his stage lighting skills. Sikowitz host the talent show. Cat then comes up and sings and dances and the crowd loves it. Cat wins the talent show and Cats friends congratulate her on winning. After Cats friends are done congratulating her Cat goes and sees Nona, Dice, Goomer, and Sam and they all congratulate her on winning. The episode then ends.

Note: This is the second straight episode that Tori Vega appears in and 3rd episode overall in the series that she appears in.

24-26. #BackToSeattle: In the special 90 minute series finale of Sam and Cat, Sam finds out that her friend Carly Shay is moving back to Seattle. Sam must then decide wheather to stay in LA with Cat and continue the babysitting business or to go back to Seattle to be with Carly. Sam then ask Nona, Dice, Goomer, and Cat for their opinions on what she should do. She also calls up Freddie Benson, Gibby Gibson, and Spencer Shay and ask them what they think she should do. Sam then thinks about it and ask Cat if she would move to Seattle with her if she decides to go. Cat then says she needs to think about it and ask Nona, Goomer, Dice, and her friends Tori Vega, Andre Harris, Beck Oliver, Jade West, Robbie Shaprio, and Sinjin Van Cleef about what they think she should do. Cat then ask Nona if she would move to Seattle with her and Nona says she needs to think about it. Nona then decides to move to Seattle with Cat if she and Sam decide to go. Cat then tells Sam she would move to Seattle with her and then Sam calls her mom Pam Pucket and tells her she is moving back. Sam, Cat, and Nona all then pack their bags to leave LA. Sam and Cat get out of their rent for their apartment and shut down their babysitting business. Cat then goes to Hollywood Arts High School to withdrawl and she says goodbye to all of her friends and Sikowitz. Sam and Cat then put their bags in Nonas car and Sam and Cat drive to Seattle on Sams motorcycle with Nona following them in her car. When they get to Seattle they drive to Sams moms house and unload their bags and bring them to their rooms. Pam Pucket gives Sam a hug and helps Sam unpack. After Nona finshes her unpacking she starts looking for a place similar to Elderly Acres to move to because she isn't planning on living at Sams house permentaly. Meanwhile Sam and Cat go see Sams friends Carly and Spencer and then Carly, Freddie, Sam, and Gibby do a reunion iCarly webcast with Cat watching them. After the webcast Sam talks to her friends about how happy she is to see them. Cat meanwhile is sad and misses her friends that she left behind in LA. Cat talks about how much she misses LA and then Sam and Cat talk about how much fun they had babysitting in LA and all the fun times they had together. Carly then brings up the idea of starting a new babysitting business in Seattle. Sam and Cat think about it and clips from previous episodes are shown of Sam and Cat babysitting, showing their memories of babysitting in LA. Sam and Cat smile and laugh and agree that Carlys idea would be fun. Sam, Cat, and Sams friends come back to Sams house with them and tell Nona they are going to start another babysitting business. Nona then reveals that she has a found a  new retirement home and will be moving into it in 3 weeks. Sam, Cat, Nona, and Sams friends all hug. The episode and series then end.

Note: This is the series finale of Sam and Cat and also serves a backdoor pilot for a potentional spin off series that will star Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande, and Miranda Cosgrove as their respective characters Sam Pucket, Cat Valentine, and Carly Shay. Their could also be other main characters such as Jerry Trainer as Spencer Shay, Noah Munck as Gibby Gibson, and Nathen Kress as Freddie Benson. The spin off series would be almost a reboot of iCarly.

Note 2: This was orignially intended to be the series finale of Sam and Cat but then the series was expanded.

27. #LoveSickCat: Cat goes shopping at the mall in Seattle when she meets Brad (Carly and Sams intern from iCarly). Cat falls in love with him instantly. She starts to spend all her time with Brad and blows off babysitting so she leaves Sam to babysit on her own. Sam doesn't mind at first but then she gets tired of Cat blowing her off. She trys to tell Cat that she doesn't want her blowing her off anymore. Cat ignores her and continues to spend all her time with Brad. Sam then decides to find out where Brad lives. She then goes over to Brads apartment and finds Cat and Brad kissing in the apartment. Sam then tells them both need to spend less time together and that she needs Cat to come back to their apartment to babysit with her. Cat and Brad ignore what Sam says. Sam then goes into Brads sock drawer and takes a sock out and then goes into Brads refridgerator and takes some butter and puts into to the sock to create a buttersock. She then tells Cat and Brad she is going to beat them up with the buttersock if they don't spend less time together and if Cat doesn't stop blowing her off. Cat and Brad then dare Sam to beat them up. She takes the dare and starts to beat them up and then Cat runs out of Brads apartment and Brad stays in the apartment and Sam beats him up. Sam then leaves Brads apartment and Cat is waiting for her at her motorcycle. Sam and Cat then go back to their apartment. Cat appolgizes to Sam for blowing her off. Sam forgives Cat and they hug and the episode ends.

Note: As of this episode Brad becomes a reoccuring character on Sam and Cat. He will appear in future episodes.

28. #BackWithFreddie: Freddie comes over to Sams house to hang out and as they spend time together they realize they still have feelings for each other. They decide to get back together. Meanwhile Cat is helping Nona move into her new retirement home. When Cat gets done helping Nona and comes home Sam tells her that she is getting back with her ex boyfriend Freddie. Cat congraulates her and the episode ends.

Note: This is the second straight episode that either Sam or Cat is with their boyfriend.

29. #DoubleDate: Sam and Freddie go on a double date with Cat and Brad at the movies. However Freddie and Brad keep talking during the movie and it upsets Sam and Cat. Sam and Cat have a talk with Freddie and Brad and they give them a second chance. This time the date goes well and after the date Sam and Cat tell Freddie and Brad that they are happy the date went well. Freddie and Brad say that they are happy the date went well and Sam and Cat smile and the episode ends.

Note: This is the third straight episode in which either Sam and Cat are with their boyfriend but the first episode where both of their boyfriends are shown in the same episode.

30. #CatAndNonaDay: Cat and Nona spend the day together at beach. When they get in Nonas car driving home Nona and Cat get into a car accident. Witnesses call 911 and Cat and Nona are taken out of the car and put in the ambulance. Cat suffers the most serious injurys as she brakes her arm and has head trama. Nona meanwhile only has a few bruises and a bloody gash on her arm. Cat and Nona are released from the hopsital later that day and Cat gets a ride to Sams house from a Taxi. Meanwhile Nona finds out where her car is and her car gets fixed. She takes the bus to the car shop to pick up her car. She then drives to her retirement home and calls Cat to make sure she is ok. Cat says she is fine and Nona is happy about that. Nona then says she needs to go and tells Cat she loves her and Cat says she loves Nona. Cat hangs the phone up and the episode ends.

Note: This is the second episode of the series that Jennette McCurdy is absent as her character Sam Pucket. Jennette is absent due to scheduling conflicts.

31. #SamVsCat: Sam and Cat compete against each other in a game show. However the competiton gets heated and Sam and Cat get out of control. Sam and Cat raise their voices at each other and then they eventually start getting physical with each other. At the end of the episode they go back to their apartment and they apologize to each other and hug. The episode then ends.

32. #NewPet: Sam and Cat decide to adopt a puppy. However when they realize that the puppy is going to be a lot of work they must decide wheather they will have to take him back or if they will find a way to manage taking care of him. Sam and Cat talk to Nona and ask for her advice. She advices them to keep the puppy so that is what they do. At the end of the episode they are happy with the decision they made and they pet the puppy and the episode ends.

33. #TVShow: When Sam and Cat are at the mall having an arguement, they get discovered by a TV producer. The TV producer tells them that they would be great on a TV show and offers them their own show. Sam and Cat accept the offer and the next day go to the TV show set. At first they have fun filming the TV show. However as they are filming the TV producer gradually starts making changes and the changes get on Sam and Cats nerves. They talk to the TV producer about the changes and ask him to stop making changes. However he ignores Sam and Cats request. One afternoon while filming an episode the TV producer attempts to make another change and Sam and Cat abrupty quit and walk out of the studio. The TV producer chases them down and attempts to convince them to come back. However they refuse. Sam and Cat go back to their apartment and talk about how much it upset them that the changes are made. They discuss how happy they are that they quit and decide they don't want to be part of a TV show again. Just before the episode ends Sam and Cat turn on their TV and watch an episode of their show only to discover that the TV producer replaced them on the show. Sam and Cat turn the TV off and shake their heads and the episode ends.

34. #LostVisitors: Dice and Goomer come to Seattle to visit Sam and Cat. Sam and Cat show Dice and Goomer around. However while walking downtown Sam and Cat loose Dice and Goomer. Sam and Cat must find Dice and Goomer. Sam calls Dice and ask where he and Goomer are. They give Sam the names of stores that they see. Sam then figures out where they are and tells Dice to stay their with Goomer. Sam and Cat then get on Sams motorcycle and pick Dice and Goomer up. They ride back to Sams house and then Sam and Cat tell Dice and Goomer to stay with them when they walk around. Dice and Goomer accept what they said and the episode ends.

Note: This is Dice and Goomers first appereance since #BackToSeattle,

35. #NonasBingoGame: Nona host a bingo game at her new retirement complex. However when the game gets out of control Nona calls the retirement complex security to try to get them to control and stop the arguing. The security guard blows his whistle and tells everyone to be quiet. The security guard then leaves for a little bit and things seem calm. However abruptly one of the people start screaming again and then it gets out of control again. Nona gets security to come back and gets them to calm down the people again. Things are calm again for a little bit but then another person suddently shouts again and this time Nona just walks out of the room and leaves and says she is never going to host a bingo game again. The episode then ends.

Note: This is the 3rd episode of the series that Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande are absent for and second time that they have both been absent for an episode.

36. #NewNeighbor: The house next to Sams house is for sale and Sam's Ex-Boyfriend Jonah (from iCarly) buys it. Sam and Cat discover this and try to aviode seeing Jonah. However one evening when Sam and Cat are babysitting their is a knock at Sam and Cats front door and its Jonah. Jonah ask Sam and Cat if they can be friends with him. Sam and Cat say no and then slam the door in Jonahs face. Jonah however refuses to accept this and starts stalking Sam and Cat. He hides in a tree next to Sam and Cats house and spys on them. A few days after he starts doing this Sam and Cat discover him doing it and they confront him about it. They ask Jonah to stop stalking them. He refuses however. After he refuses Sam and Cat call the police and ask them to tell Jonah to stop stalking them. The police them come over and do as Sam and Cat asked. Jonah says he understands and would stop stalking Sam and Cat. However Jonah finds a new way to stalk as he puts a hidden camera in their tree and has it directed to face Sam and Cats bedroom. He also puts a second hidden camera in a tree on the other side of Sam and Cats house and has it facing Sam and Cats living room. Jonah spys on Sam and Cat using these cameras on his computer. Sam and Cat discover this a week after he starts doing it and call the police again. Sam and Cat show the police the cameras and then the police come over to Jonahs house and arrest him for stalking. Sam and Cat watch Jonah get arrested and they thank the police for their help, Sam aand Cat then go back inside the house and they are happy Jonah got arrested and they smile. The episode then ends.

37. #RidgewayEnrollement: Sam and Cat decide to enroll at Ridgeway for high school. When they walk in the high school they see Ms. Briggs and Ms. Briggs tells Sam about how happy she was when Sam left Ridgeway. Sam then informs Ms. Briggs she is returning. She then gets upset and says you have got to be kidding me. Ms. Briggs then walks away. Sam and Cat then walk in the front office and they fill out the forms enroll (in Sams case re enroll). After they fill them out they are sent to Principal Franklins office. He then tells Sam how happy he is that she is returning and says Welcome to Ridgeway to Cat. Sam and Cat then leave Principal Franklins office and look at their schedule and they see that they both have Mr. Howard and Sam tells Cat about how mean he is and then Cat gets scared and says she doesn't want to go to his class. The next day Sam and Cat go to class and the last class of the day is Mr. Howards. Sam and Cat go to Mr. Howards class and Mr. Howards sees them and says he thought Sam was gone for good and wishes that she didn't come back. After class is over they leave and go back to Sams house. They then say what a day and Cat says she understands how mean Mr. Howard is now. Sam says she is glad that Cat sees what she means and the episode ends.

38. #NonaAtWork: Nona gets bored with her retirement and decides to get a job at Inside Out Burger. At first she enjoys working but after 3 weeks she realizes that she needs her hours cut down. She ask the manager of Inside Out Burger to cut her hours down and she does that. Nona then trys the new hours for 4 weeks and realizes that the new hours aren't for her and needs her hours cut down again. She then ask as the manger at Inside Out Burger to cut her hours down even more. The manger then does that for her. Nona trys her new hours for 4 more weeks and then realizes that work is wearing her down and realizes that its best for her and and her health that she quit. She then puts in her 2 weeks notice. After she comes back to her retirement home from work she says she is never working again and the episode ends.

Note: This is the 4th episode of the series that Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande are absent for and 3rd episode that they are both absent for.

39-40. #SavingSam: In this ONE HOUR special Sam, Cat, and Nona are driving back to Sams house from going out to dinner when they get into a car accident. Witnesses call 911 and ambulances arrive at the scene. Cat and Nona only have minor injury’s. Meanwhile Sam has severe injurys. Sam has broken legs, arms, ribs, and she is unconscious. Cat and Nona are put into an ambulance together and Sam is put into her own ambulance. They are taken to the emergency room and Cat and Nona are almost immediately released. However Sam is put into a medically induced coma due to the severity of her injurys. Cat calls up Sams friends Carly, Spencer, Gibby, and Freddie to tell them about the accident. They all come to the emergency room to see Sam. Cat, Nona and Sams friends all stay by Sams side praying that she wakes up. Carly tells Sam that she wants her to wake up and says she wants to talk to her again. 2 weeks later Sam starts to wake up. The doctors put cast on Sams arms and legs. 3 days later Sam starts to talk again and tells Cat, Nona, and her friends about how much she loves them. A week later Sam is released from the hospital in a wheelchair. Nona calls up a friend and has her friend take Sam and Cat to Sams house. Nona then calls up a taxi and has the taxi take her to a car repair shop that her car is at. She picks up her car and drives to Sams house to check on her. Sams friends come over too and all they tell her how much they love her. Sam, Cat, Nona, and Sams friends all have a big group hug and Sam tells them how much she loves them. Nona and Sams friends then leave. Sam then gives Cat a hug and tells her that was a scary accident. The special then ends.

Season 2:

1-2. #RevengeofMrsLee: In the ONE HOUR SEASON 2 premiere of Sam and Cat, Sam and Cat get a call from a mysterious caller asking them to come over to their house to babysit their daughter and son for the evening. Sam and Cat talk it over and decide to accept the job. They come over the callers house that evening and as they are talking with the person about what they would like them to do with their kids, Mrs. Lee sneaks out of the closet at the house. She then locks the front door of the house. Mrs. Lee then walks over to Cat and taps on her shoulder and says "Remember Me". And then Cat says yes your the person who used to own Wok Star and now owns Nozu. Mrs. Lee then says its time for my revenge on you for leaving my daughter dangling. Sam and Cat then both says what the heck is wrong with you. Mrs. Lee then explains she set this trap up by having her friend call them and having them come over to babysit  Sam and Cat then ask "So what are you going to do with us?". Then suddenly 2 men come out of the kitchen that were hidden and grab Sam and Cat and put ropes on their necks and then carry them both to another closet in the bedroom in the closet and put them on the top shelf and tie the other end of the ropes that are on Sam and Cats necks to a hook that they set up in their and leave them in their. Mrs. Lee then walks and says that she is going to leave them their for 2 weeks with very little food and water. Sam and Cat then both scream let us go but she shuts the door and leaves. Sam and Cat then discuss what they are going to do next. Sam then remembers she has her phone in her pocket and she takes it out and calls Dice and gives him directions to where they are. Dice then calls Goomer and Dice and Goomer go over to the house. Dice then knocks on the door and then Mrs. Lee opened the door and asks if Sam and Cat are their since they said they would be here tonight babysitting. Mrs. Lee then says that they had to leave. Dice then says "Are you sure" and then Mrs. Lee trys to shut the door. However Goomer and Dice push the door in and they find the closet that Sam and Cat are in. They then untie the ropes around Sam and Cats knecks. Sam, Cat, Goomer, and Dice then fight Mrs. Lee and the 2 men that put Sam and Cat in the closet in attempt to get out of the house. They all end up escaping the house. Sam and Cat then thank Dice and Goomer for saving them. Sam and Cat then go back to their apartment and say what a nut case. Sam and Cat say time to block that number. They then block the phone number of Mrs. Lee and the special ends.

3. #RobbieCrushing: When Sam and Cat are babysitting Cat gets a call from Robbie. Cat and Robbie then talk on the phone 30 minutes. As soon as Cat gets done with the coversation she realizes she is still in love Robbie. Sam tells Cat to not think about Robbie and see if that helps her. Sam and Cat then go to bed. However Cat can't sleep since she can't stop thinking about Robbie. Cat then calls Robbie up the next day and ask Robbie out on a videochat date. She and Robbie then try a date over videochat. At the end of the date Cat and Robbie realize that dating over videochat will work and they are so happy about that. Cat and Robbie then sign off and Cat tells Sam that she is going to date Robbie over videochat now. Sam then says Congratulations! The episode the ends.

4. #SamHamBam: Sam enters a ham eating contest, She ends up winning the contest. However when Sam gets done eating she faints. Cat then calls 911 and Sam is rushed to the emergancy room. Cat, Carly, Freddie, Nonna, and Dice all meet Sam at the hospital. They find that Sam had a reaction to the ham and they cure her. Nona then drives Sam home and her friends meet at her at home. Sam then says that she is happy to be alive. The episode the ends.

Note: This is an on going list of episodes as I come up with them.

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