1. iReturn             Carly returns from Italy

2. iHelp Freddie Get Musuclear   After Sam insults Freddie on iCarly of being weak, he insists on Spencer to help him.

                                       Subplot: Carly is addicted to the Dingo Channel

3. iFind Out                       When Sam finds out that Carly and him kissed before she left for Italy., They both end up competing for his love. In the end Sam and Carly both cry and feel stupid and make up.

4. iHave a Music Video      Carly, Sam and Freddie, decide to shoot a music video of Shakespere and premiere it live on iCarly.

5. iGame Show                 Carly and her friends get selected to be on the game show Brain Squeezers 

6. iDate Again                    When Sam and Freddie start dating again, Carly and Gibby work together to try to split them up In the end, Carly feels horrible about what she did and apologizes to everyone.

7.    iHave a Clone                Carly wishes she could clone herself because she has so much to do, so Freddie makes a clone for her.

8. iGet Posessed By Nevel                When Nevel seeks revenge on the iCarly gang for ruining his plan in iHalfoween he possess Carly, Sam and Freddie and its up to Spencer and Gibby to unpossess them.

9-10 iSam/ iStart a new Show             When Sam thinks of the great idea of starting her own web show and having Carly as the co host things dont turn out right.

11. iPicnic          Carly suggests the gang goes on a picnic from taking a break from iCarly.

12. iCarly Gets Cartoonised    When someone makes a fake website of iCarly being cartoonised, the gang works hard to shut it down.

13. iGo on an Adventure          The gang decides to film an icarly webcast while traveling around the world.

14 to 15. iSeddie vs Creddie vs Cibby          When the iCarly gang does to webicon again, the fans start fighting about Carly and Gibby and Seddie and Creddie. In the end Carly and Freddie end up together.

16. iSave Seattle                When Sam watches on the news that Seattle is being attacked by Nora, she sets off to save Seattle. Meanwhile, Carly and Freddie try to go on a date mistakes keep happening so in the end they agree to break up and say that they will start dating when they feel like its ready

17. iAm a News Reporter   Spencer gets the job of being a news reporter

18.  iTravel to the UK                     The gang travels to the UK to do a very special 200th webcast.

19. iMeet Zoey Brooks                   When the iCarly gang uses the Blab Cam again, A girl named Zoey Brooks who reccently graduated from PCA asks them if she can be on iCarly. Meanwhile, Freddie has a major crush on her.

20. iGo to Prison                            When Carly is framed for committing a crime she goes to prison and Sam and Freddie and Spencer and Gibby need to find a way to bail her out

21. iGraduate        Carly, Sam and Freddie graduate from Ridgdeway.

22 to 23 to 24  iWant to Get Advertised     The iCarly gang travels to Japan again to get advertised 

25. iGo Behind the Scenes                  Miranda Cosgrove and Jenette Mccurdy go on a tour behind the scenes of the show

26. iGet Replaced by Tori Vega Part 1       When the gang starts hiring another co host for iCarly Tori Vega auditions and they hire her but when she starts doing stuff to get rid of Carly, Carly seeks revenge.

27. iGet Replaced by Tori Vega Part 2       Carly tries to confront to Freddie and Sam about Tori but they dont believe her. In the end Carly proves she was trying to get rid of her. 

28 to 29. iMeet My Mother            Carly's Mother comes for a visit and offers to take Carly to New Jersey to stay there. So Carly leaves and tells Freddie that they could be boyfriend and girlfriend when she gets back.                


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