"I'm in love with Robbie!"
Cat telling Sam

Season 1, Episode 37
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June 16, 2014

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#CrushOnRobbie is the 37th episode of Sam & Cat.


Sam is watching the Performing Arts Channel and she thinks that watching the program is boring. While Cat walks in she is humming beautiful music which was annoying Sam. Sam grabs duct tape and tapes Cat's mouth to keep her from humming. When Dice comes in and removes the tape from Cat's mouth, Sam and Dice notices that Cat has been in a good mood. Cat tells them she is in love with Robbie Shapiro. Sam believes that Robbie is a nerd and Dice thinks Cat and Robbie will make a perfect couple. But Cat hasn't asked Robbie to be her boyfriend yet because she gets very nervous when she's asking him. A few seconds later Herb shows up and shows Sam a foldable beech chair that he found.

Cat uses a basketball and puts a fake Afro and glasses practices asking Robbie to be her new girlfriend. Sam then tells Cat that adorable girls doesn't like dating a nerd guys. But Cat says she doesn't care and she really love Robbie the way he is. Sam and Cat then get into a brief argument. Dice turns on the Performing Arts channel and Sam, Cat, and Dice watches the Blue Devils from 1976. They are performing the song "Legend of the One Eyed Sailor" and Sam, Cat, and Dice dances to the music.

At Hollywood Arts, Gabriella asks Robbie to be her girlfriend but Robbie denies Gabriella and tells her he is in love with Cat. Cat notices that Robbie is in love with her and Cat hides in a bush talks to herself about him. Robbie then finds Cat in the bush and he knows that Cat is hiding something from him. Cat runs away very scared and Robbie chases after her back to the apartment. Cat makes it home and runs to the bedroom and reads a note saying that Sam is out eating chicken. Robbie finds Cat opening her window and Robbie climbs in from the window and tells Cat it's okay to tell the truth. Cat tells Robbie that she loves him and admits her feelings for Robbie. After they kiss for the first time, they are finally a couple.

Later, Sam is on her own babysitting seven children and they run around and damage the entire apartment and Dice notices the apartment has gone out of control. Three hours later, Cat returns home and Sam is furious with Cat for not coming home to babysit and Sam notices that Cat is up to something. Cat notices the apartment is a mess. Sam then forces Cat to clean up the damaged apartment.

A day later, Cat forces Sam and Dice out of the apartment so she can cook and have her romantic date with Robbie. When Cat finishes setting the table, Robbie shows up and they eat and have a good time. While Cat and Robbie are dancing they kiss and Sam and Dice walks in on the scene. Sam interrupts them and Sam knows that Cat has been dating Robbie. Cat tells her that she and Robbie make a good couple. Sam tells Cat not to neglect babysitting while dating and tells Robbie that she will always say negative things about him. After Cat and Robbie leaves, Sam opens a soda can for Dice and he gets squirt in the face from the soda.

In the end, Robbie asks Cat if they could play Pirates and Cat doesn't want to and Robbie decides to forget the game of pirates.


Dice: You know something, you've been acting like your in a good mood lately.
Sam: Yeah! How come your being so happy.
Cat: Because! I'm always happy!
Sam: That's not a full reason.
Cat: Really! I just love to be in a good mood.
Sam: Tell is the truth before I set all of your stuff animals on fire.
Cat: I'm in love with Robbie!
Sam: That explains it!
Dice: Wait a minute! You mean Robbie Shapiro? The guy with the glasses who fell in that tuna pool with Freddie Benson?
Cat: Yeah!
Sam: You know that this has just occurred to me. Why are you even in love with that geek with the glasses?
Cat: It's pretty much because he's very nice, sweet, and I'm always very kind to him. You got something against me being in love with him?
Sam: Yeah! He's a nerd!
Dice: Well I got nothing against. Did you ask him if you wanted to be in love with him?
Cat: That's a good question.
Dice: What's the answer?
Cat: No!
Sam: Why haven't you?
Cat: Because whenever I try to ask him, I get too scared and I pretty much run away from him.
Sam: Why do you do that?
Cat: Because I've known Robbie for sometime, and I'm afraid it's gonna ruin our friendship.
Dice: No it won't! I'm pretty sure you'll do fine being with Robbie.
Sam: He's so nerdy, he even wears those pathetic glasses.
Cat: Sam!

Sam: Cat Valentine!
Cat and Robbie: [Falling on the coffee table]
Dice: What in earth is going on here?
Cat: Um! [Stands up and turns off the music] I was just doing a project with Robbie!
Robbie: Yeah! The dating project! We are so gonna get A+'s on it!
Sam: You were dating Robbie were you?
Cat: Sam just found out in her good brain.
Sam: How can you even date this disgusting character.
Robbie: [Gasps] Well!


  • This is the third appearance of Robbie Shapiro. His first appearance was in a cameo in #MommaGoomer and his second appearance was in #TheKillerTunaJump.
  • Herb reappears from the episode #KnockOut
  • Gabriella from the Victorious episode One Thousand Berry Balls.
  • The Blue Devils from 1976 was shown on Sam & Cat's television and they performed the song, "Legend of the One Eyed Sailor."


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Series continuity

  • Robbie asks Cat to play the game pirates with her and Cat refuses to play just like in Victorious.