"It's not nice to kill rodents!"
Cat telling Sam and Dice

Season 1, Episode 38
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June 24, 2014

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#DirtyRat is the 38th episode of Sam & Cat.


Cat is watching cartoons television and she just got done eating Sam's chicken. Cat hides the chicken bucket behind her back when Sam walks in with and umbrella that she stole from an old lady. Cat then tells Sam a ridiculous made up story about monkeys robbing their apartment and Sam tells her that is the dumbest story she ever heard. Sam walks to the refrigerator and notices that her chicken and then notices that Cat has eaten her chicken. Sam begins threatens something to Cat and Sam chases Cat around the entire apartment.

Later, Dice shows up and he sees Sam sitting on Cat. Dice feels sorry for Cat and Cat promises that she will not ever eat Sam's chicken again. After Sam tells Dice to shut the front door, a dirty rat comes into the apartment and Dice didn't notice that the rat entered the apartment. Before watching the game show Family Feud, Dice told Sam and Cat that he kept a box of Chinese Noodles under his bed for three years. The dirty rat that entered the house and starts running around the apartment.

Sam is eating a hot dog while watching television while Cat and Dice are playing hangman. When Sam gets ready to turn the channel, she sees the rat sitting on the remote control and it scares her. Cat and Dice sees the rat and they also get scared of the rat. Dice suggested that the rat must be captured and they begin to chases it around. Cat and Dice are searching for the rat and Sam was being too lazy on the couch. Cat tells Sam that she has to help find it. Suddenly, Sam and Dice sees the rat and the rat ends up sitting on Cat's shoe. Cat sees the rat and Dice was able to hold her leg and Sam was able to pull Cat's shoe from her foot and throws it down on the ground. The rat escapes to hide somewhere in the apartment a few seconds later. Sam, Cat and Dice now has to find a way to capture the rat.

The next day, Sam tries to call an exterminator and Dice brings a mouse trap and they plan to kill the rat. But Cat objects to that plan and tells Sam and Dice that it's not nice to kill rodents. They then decide to just capture rat instead and set it free instead. Dice sets up a trap by setting cheese on the floor and the plan is to capture it with a net. He captures it and he accidentally let's the rat escape and he's gets punched in the stomach by Sam and Cat. Cat finds a stray dog to scare the rat, but the dog got scared of the rat and runs away dragging Cat. Sam wears some gloves to capture the rat and captures it with her left hand but the rat manages to escape her hand.

Sam, Cat and Dice are sitting on the couch and Cat names the rat Tommy. Suddenly, Cat sees the rat in the kitchen and without any struggle, Sam uses her right hand to have the rat in place and Dice uses a jar to capture it. Cat puts the lid on the jar and they have finally captured the rat. They then head to the park to set Tommy the Rat free and they go to to Mystic Mountain to ride rides to celebrate.

In the end, Sam and Cat walks in the apartment and sees Dice dancing to MC Hammer's, "U Can't Touch This." After seeing Sam and Cat laughing at him, Dice feels embarrassed.


Dice: Did you find the rat?
Cat: No! What else do you think I'm doing standing on the counter?
Dice: Looking for the rat?
Cat: Mhmm!
Sam: Whenever you guys find the nasty rodent, let me know so I can stomp on it!
Cat: Sam! Your suppose to be helping!
Sam: Well I just got lazy!
Cat: Sam we need to...[Walks forward and falls from the counter]
Sam: Hahaha! Watch out red hair.
Cat: [Approaching the couch] You know we can't keep a nasty creature in our apartment.
Dice: Yeah it can sometimes scare people.

Dice: Don't worry! I got this mouse trap from my basement and it's really going to kill it.
Sam: You here that you dirty rat, your gonna be dead.
Cat: You are not using that mouse trap.
Dice: Cat, are you insane or are you just not taking your special vitamins?
Sam: Yeah!
Cat: Duhuhuhuh!
Sam: Rat's are too dangerous to be kept alive, why can't we kill it?
Cat: Because, it's not nice to kill rodents!

Sam: You named the rat Tommy?
Cat: I think it's a good name!
Dice: Interesting, we tried to capture a rat and Cat names that stupid rodent.
Cat: Tommy is not stupid!


  • The chicken that Cat was eating at the very beginning was not from Tubba Chicken.
  • The nickelodeon show Kenan & Kel was mentioned while Cat and Dice were playing hangman.
  • The movie Jaws was mentioned.
  • Dice is dancing and lip syncing to MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" in the end credits.


Character revelations


  • Cat names the rat Tommy.

Running gags

  • Cat is still mispronounces Sam's last name.
  • Cat thinks umbrellas are called rain shields.
  • Cat is still mispronouncing words.

Series continuity

  • Cat was asked by Dice if she was not taking her special vitamins.