Hey guys! For this quiz, you guys are going to guess the character from our past and present Nickelodeon live action shows or other live action shows that we know. So this is pretty much guessing on what the character said or what kind of action the character does, so you guys have to guess without looking up any trivia, plots, quotes, etc. Please put your 12 answers in the comment section below. I'll definitely be scoring you guys to see how much you got right.

Okay! Here we go!!!

1) This character came up with the name "truther" the opposite of "Liar". Which character came up with that opposite?

  • A) Freddie Benson
  • B) Robbie Shapiro
  • C) Josh Nichols
  • D) Kenan Rockmore

2) This character left peanut butter all over his underwear, and broke some things in a bedroom. Who accidentally did that?

  • A) Knox Knoxford
  • B) Kel Kimble
  • C) Ross Workmen
  • D) Hudson Gimble

3) This character stepped on a person thinking they are a skin rug. Who steps on them and thinks there a skin rug?

  • A) Geneva Hayes
  • B) Gibby Gibson
  • C) Billy Thunderman
  • D) Heidi Makinney

4) This character came up with the lyrics, "But broken glass can cut your hand, And then you'll bleed across the land." Who wrote that lyric?

  • A) Andrew Dalton
  • B) Robbie Shapiro
  • C) Hudson Gimble
  • D) Max Thunderman

5) This quote "It is love at first shoe, I am so over you!" Who says that quote?

  • A) Cat Valentine
  • B) Summer Hathaway
  • C) Piper Gray
  • D) Dylan Rodgers

6) This character sings "O Canada" with a podcast microphone. Who sings the Canada national anthem?

  • A) Beck Oliver
  • B) Dani Dalton
  • C) Charlotte Bolton
  • D) Kayla Hughes

7) This character said Bazinga all the time, while being chased in the ball pit? Who was that character?

  • A) Carlton Banks
  • B) Aster Vanderberg
  • C) Jasper Dunlop
  • D) Sheldon Cooper

8) This male character believes he is expendable which is part of his coolness. Who believes he's expendable like Sylvester Stallone?

  • A) Freddie Benson
  • B) Robbie Shapiro
  • C) Andrew Dalton
  • D) Bowie Sherman

9) This ditsy female character thinks she can scare a sweater stain with a pair of cymbals. Who performs that dimwitted action?

  • A) Cat Valentine
  • B) Heidi Makinney
  • C) Geneva Hayes
  • D) Nora Thunderman

10) This character is the "Protector of Hiddenville" and it's also part of a catch phrase. Who is that Hiddenville protector?

  • A) Tori Vega
  • B) Elizabeth Taggart
  • C) Phoebe Thunderman
  • D) Drake Parker

11) This character thought he couldn't get thrown out because he was already outside, but instead, got thrown inside the house. Who got thrown inside?

  • A) Sheldon Cooper
  • B) Jazz (From Fresh Prince)
  • C) Spencer Shay
  • D) Double G

12) This protagonist character breaks the fourth wall frequently and talks to the audience whether at the beginning, middle and/or at the end of each episode. Who does that?

  • A) Carly Shay
  • B) Henry Hart
  • C) Jarvis Raines
  • D) Elizabeth Taggart

That's it! On Saturday, November 25, before the Henry Danger and Game Shakers crossover episode, "Danger Games" airs, I will reveal the correct answers. Good luck!!!

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