"We definitely need to get this apartment fixed before Dice gets home."
Sam telling Cat

Season 1, Episode 39
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July 1, 2014

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#HouseSitting is the 39th episode of Sam & Cat.


Sam comes home and finds Cat building an apple pyramid. After Cat completes the pyramid, Sam pulls out an apple from the pyramid and the apple pyramid is destroyed and Cat says it is so not cool. Cat asks Sam to go to the movies with Sam on Saturday to see the movie, "Amadeus" and tells it the movie theatre is showing it in honor of the 30th Anniversary. Sam grants Cat's permission to see the movie. Dice comes in a few seconds later and tells Sam and Cat that he has a job for them.

Dice wants Sam and Cat to watch his apartment while he and his parents are going on vacation to Santa Barbra. Sam and Cat are told that they will be paid fifty dollars to watch the apartment. At Dice's Apartment, Dice tells Sam and Cat to keep the apartment in good shape. They are told to do some dusting, vacuuming, and feed the goldfish. Dice gives Cat the keys to his apartment and leaves. Cat wants to have a slumber while Dice is gone but Sam refuses. Cat then calls Sam mean and bossy and Sam heard what she said. Cat then briefly apologizes.

At Bots, Sam, Cat and Nona are eating lunch and Sam tells Nona that the house sitting job is stupid. Cat and Nona believes that house sitting is really fun and Nona thinks that it's very nice to help Dice. Sam tells Nona to pay for the food at they ate and Sam and Cat leaves. Tandy comes in and tells Nona to pay $29.43, but Nona is a little short on money. Tandy tells her to pay up and calls her an old lady. Nona tells Tandy that she'll go to the bank.

At Dice's Apartment, Sam is laying around doing nothing and Cat finishes vacuuming the floor and is ready to do the dusting and the fish has already been fed. Cat grabs the Swifter Duster and plays around with it and she accidentally breaks a vace. Sam then accidentally kicks the fish tank and the fish tank breaks on the floor. Cat is rescuing the gold fish and Sam fills up water in a random bowl which she immediately drops and breaks after filling it with water. Sam then tells Cat to put the fishes in the bath tub. Cat successfully puts the fishes in the bath tub with water in Dice's bathroom but she forgets to turn the water off. Sam says that all they need to do is replace the vace, the fish tank and a bowl before Dice gets home, but they have two hours left according to Sam's text from Dice. While Cat is filling up a cup of water, she hears that Sam has broken a window and Cat breaks a faucet. Sam covers the broken faucet with a rubber glove and they both leave to the store to replace the vace, fish tank and a bowl but they forget the house keys laying on the coffee table after locking the front door when leaving. Dice's bathroom is now flooding.

While Dice's bathroom is still flooding, Sam breaks the back door open by kicking it and they notices they forgot the house keys. They enter the living room and they notice that the living room is poring down rain. They then have forty-five minutes until Dice gets home. Suddenly, the toilet falls from the ceiling and Sam notices that Cat forgot to turn the water off. Cat runs upstairs to turn off the water and Sam writes down that they need to clean up the mess, call a plumber and a repair man. Cat successfully turns off the water and falls down from the hole in the ceiling. Sam knocks over the television and Cat breaks part of the coffee table and things end up getting worse.

Sam and Cat really damaged the apartment big time including a big huge hole in a wall and Sam is still hoping to get the fifty dollars. Sam tells Cat that they really need to get the apartment fixed. Due to a lot of water, the rubber glove pops from the broken faucet. Suddenly, Dice returns home and sees his apartment being damaged and Dice becomes very angry. Sam and Cat are too late and they run away and make their escape.

In the end, Sam and Cat are messaging Dice's feet as punishment to damaging his apartment.


Cat: I've never seen your apartment before!
Sam: Yeah! This looks like a brand new apartment.
Cat: I noticed that this apartment has a second floor.
Sam: And?
Cat: Our apartment doesn't have a second floor.
Dice: That's because you don't have a stairway and I do!
Sam: Sure!

Cat: Hey Sam! How about we have a slumber party here.
Sam: I don't do slumber parties.
Cat: Come on Sam! I know you wanna!
Sam: No I don't!
Cat: Yes you do!
Sam: No I don't!
Cat: Yes you do!
Sam: No I don't!
Cat: Yes you do!
Sam: You know what? Stuff it!
Cat: Your a very mean and bossy character.
Sam: I heard what you just said.
Cat: Sorry!

Cat: So we're just watching Dice's apartment while he's gone on his trip to Santa Barbra!
Sam: Which is a very stupid job to do.
Nona: Why is that stupid?
Sam: Because, I really don't like doing jobs for some people.
Cat: You know it's called House Sitting!
Sam: And you think it's really fun.
Cat: Yeah!
Nona: I agree with Cat!
Sam: That makes two dimwitted people eating lunch with me!

Sam: We definitely need to get this apartment fixed before Dice gets home.
Cat: Agreed! [Sees the rubber glove is getting big] Haha! Look at that yellow glove! It's all fat!
Sam: That's because there's a lot of water in it!
[Rubber Glove pops and water faucet begins to leak again]
Cat: More water works!
Sam: What else could go wrong.
Dice: [shouting] Sam, Cat I'm home....WHAT THE? [Seeing his living room being damaged] [Screaming with anger] SAAAAAAAAAAAAAM! CAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!
Sam: We should run away should we?
Cat: We should!
Sam and Cat: Run!


  • This would be the first appearance of Dice's Apartment.
  • Dice's parents does not appear in this episode but they are mentioned in this episode.
  • The movie, "Amadeus" is actually a real movie that is released in 1984.
  • The previous episodes, #YayDay and #StuckInABox was mentioned.


Character revelations

  • Sam is the only character that can throw a punch really good when she is ready to punch Cat, and Cat flinches.


  • Sam and Cat accidentally making new damages to the apartment.
  • Sam and Cat are messaging Dice's feet.

Running gags

  • Sam keeps telling Cat that house sitting is stupid.

Series continuity



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