"I'm lost in New York."
Cat calling Nona on the phone

Season 1, Episode 40-41
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July 10, 2014

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#LostInNewYork is the 40th & 41st episode of Sam & Cat. This is the season one finale and third special of the series.


Cat is babysitting a kid named Anthony and Cat has just finished baking Chocolate Chip Cookies. Anthony takes a total of ten cookies and Cat noticed he took way too much. Sam walks in and notices that Anthony has taken lots of cookies. When Anthony's Mom shows up, she tells Anthony to give the cookies back and gives Cat forty dollars. After Anthony and his mom left, Sam tells Cat that she is going to watch, "Rambo", and Cat says she's going to watch, "The Dick Van Dyke Show", they fight for the remote control and Sam wins. Sam says it feels good to win and Cat is a little frustrated.

The next day, Cat is unable to tie her shoe because she doesn't know how to tie it. She asks Sam to tie her shoe for her. Dice and Goomer comes in and Goomer gives Cat a pink balloon and he thinks that it's Cat's birthday. Cat takes the balloon and keeps it. Dice invites Sam and Cat to go have fun with him and Goomer at a new place called, "Anderson's Fun Zone", to do some fun games. But Cat says she couldn't go because she has homework and is planning to visit Nona. Sam, Dice and Goomer leaves for the fun zone and leaves Cat home to do homework.

At Bots, Cat is finished eating her dinner and she still has her pink balloon and after paying for the food, she sees Tandy and Bungle arguing. Cat leaves Bots to go see Nona, but she accidentally let's go of her balloon. Cat chases her balloon and is unable to retrieve it. She chases her balloon to a FedEx Airport and the balloon goes into a delivery airplane and Cat runs in and enters the airplane after her balloon and she finally retrieves it. Suddenly, the box hits Cat's head and ends up unconscious, the plane door closes and the plane takes of for New York.

At the Apartment, Sam, Dice and Goomer comes back from the fun zone and they see Nona sitting on the couch. Nona told then that Cat never showed up to visit her and came her and tells them she's not in the apartment. Sam calls Cat on her pear phone and Dice checks around the apartment to find her but no luck. Goomer suggested to sit down and wait for Cat and if she didn't show up, they can call the police and report her missing. On the airplane, Cat regains her consciousness and notices she is in the air on the airplane. She knew that she wasn't in Los Angeles. Later, a police detective is at the apartment to get a subscription of Cat and receives a picture of Cat from Nona. The police detective tells Sam, Nona, Dice, and Goomer that the police will let them know if something comes up and gives advice to let the neighbors know that Cat is missing.

When the plane landed, Cat comes out of the plane and ask two men where she is. The men tell her she is in New York, therefore Cat is a little surprised. Cat walks by herself and makes her way to New York City. After arriving the city, Cat calls Nona and tells her that she is in New York. Nona was shocked and then she faints. Cat ends up sleeping on a bench over night. At 2:00 PM, Dice is using his laptop to find a flight to New York. Sam calls Freddie Benson and tells him to bring Spencer Shay over to Los Angeles. Freddie then reminds Spencer that Sam need help and needs to drive down to Los Angeles. Later, Sam finds that a flight to New York is scheduled to leave at 3:30 PM the next day. Jade West shows up and helps to join the search party followed by Andre Harris and Robbie Shapiro to show up. Sam doesn't let Nona and Goomer go on the trip because she replied that Nona is old and Goomer is dumb. A few seconds later, Spencer and Freddie shows up. Robbie is happy to see Freddie again. Nona leaves to get money for the plane tickets and Goomer is demanded to leave. After that, they decide to order a pizza.

While eating pizza, Sam explains the plan for the trip to New York and she finally receives the flight ticks from Nona. At New York City at 7:30 PM, Cat is walking in the streets and a man steals her French Fries. Cat does some site seeing all around New York City. When she was done, she sleeps in an alley. At 1:30 PM, Sam, Dice, Freddie and Spencer leaves for the airport and they meet Jade, Andre, and Robbie there. At the airport, Sam gives out the flight tickets and they all board the plane. They find their seats and the plane takes off for New York. On the airplane Robbie tells Freddie they are high up, Dice ask how much longer to get there. They've only been in the air for one hour and some of them wonder what Cat is doing right now and hoping that she is okay.

At 6:30 PM, the gang arrive New York City and the arrive at the Plaza Hotel. Sam calls Cat in the hotel room. Cat receives a call from Sam and is told that Sam and the other are in New York to find her. When Sam asks Cat to tell her where she is, Cat's battery on her phone died. The gang leaves the hotel and they search the streets to find Cat and Spencer accidentally gets hit by a car. Spencer's back is the only injury. Andre suggest to split up in to partners of two but Robbie doesn't have a partner, so Robbie goes by himself. They all split up to find Cat.

Cat walks through Central Park and the park is dark and scary to walk through. Cat becomes very scared in the park and she is able to find a small sidewalks that takes her out of the park. Cat then hears a voice that sounds familiar and Cat runs over to follow the voice and finds out that it was Robbie. Cat shouts Robbie's name and Robbie runs out of an alley and finally, he finds Cat on the sidewalk. Robbie approaches Cat and they are both hugging each other. Cat is really happy that Robbie found her and the man who stole Cat's French Fries show up and punches Robbie in the arm for no reason. Cat kisses Robbie's arm all better and they head back to the hotel.

At the hotel, the gang returns and they didn't find Cat. Robbie comes in carrying Cat and they are all happy to see Cat again. They then go to the hotel room to celebrate. They all fly back to Los Angeles, the gang, including Nona, is really happy to have Cat home. Jade and Andre leaves and Robbie tells Cat that they have at date for this weekend and then Robbie leaves. Freddie and Spencer leaves and heads back to Seattle. Dice takes Goomer to his apartment to show him New York on Map Quest. Nona invites Cat over to her place to teach Cat how to tie her shoes and leaves. Cat hugs Sam and tells her she is going to give a lot of more hugs and Sam doesn't usually like it.

In the end, Cat is watching, "The Dick Van Dyke Show", and Sam thinks the show is stupid and Cat thinks is not to sue her. Cat tells Sam that she's bossy and Cat tells her not to sue her.


Cat: I see you gotta balloon right there.
Goomer: It's for you Cat! [Gives the balloon to Cat]
Cat: Thanks Goomer! Why are you giving this to me?
Goomer: Today's your birthday! Happy Birthday Cat!
Cat: Today's not my birthday!
Dice: And yet I believe Cat!
Cat: But I'll keep the balloon though!
Sam: Remind me to pop the balloon if you get to obsessed with it.
Cat: Don't worry! I won't remind you!

Cat: The money is right here!
Bungle: Thank you so much dear. It's a good thing you never forget your money. [To Tandy] Kind of like the time when you forgot about my birthday.
Tandy: I didn't forget your birthday. I never even dated you.
Bungle: Well look who's lying!
Cat: Interesting conversation!
Tandy: I would never forget anything from you. You big blue liar.
Bungle: That's it! Lets settle this in the kitchen.
Tandy: Oh no!

Nona: Cat, where are you? Just tell me where you are.
Cat: I'm lost in New York.
Nona: [Stands up with shock] Your in New York?
Sam: She's in New York.
Dice: Nona are you okay?
Nona: I'm fine I just need a glass of water. [Faints]
Sam: An elderly went down.
Goomer: Is getting lost a good thing or a bad thing?
Dice: It's a bad thing!
Goomer: I got lost in the woods when I was seven years old. My mom found me!
Sam and Dice: We don't care!

Robbie: Freddie! [Approaches Freddie and hugs him]
Freddie: Robbie! What's going on?
Robbie: Nothing much! This search party is going to be so much fun!
Freddie: I'm sure it is!
Spencer: I think he really likes you!
Freddie: [Whispering] Shut-up!

Jade: Even though Cat is so dumb, I just hope she's okay!
Sam: You know she gets my last name wrong all the time.
Jade: What else?
Sam: She hugs me all the time.
Jade: Hugs are stupid!
Sam: Mhmm!

Andre: Now we gotta find a taxi, and head to the Plaza Hotel.
Sam: Hey, I'm in charge here, so I say we get a taxi and get to the hotel.
Andre: You're a gank!
Sam: What did you say?
Andre: I didn't say nothing.


  • This is the very third special of the series. The first special was #TheKillerTunaJump and the second special was #SuperPsycho.
  • This special will feature specials guest stars from iCarly and Victorious.
  • The guest stars include, Andre Harris, Robbie Shapiro and Jade West from Victorious and Freddie Benson and Spencer Shay from iCarly.
  • This special episode is also known to be called "The Suppose to be Season Finale."
  • The movies, "Rambo" and "Home Alone 2: Lost In New York" was mentioned.


  • Cat site seeing New York City.

Character revelations

  • Cat's Birthday is mentioned.
  • Robbie mentions the Freddie and Robbie code name, "Frobbie."


  • Goomer keeps telling Cat it's her birthday.
  • Cat doesn't know how to tie her shoes.

Running gags

  • Goomer showing his stuff panda that he won.

Series continuity

  • Andre's Grandmother is mentioned. She is still scared of all kinds of stuff happening just like in Victorious.
  • Spencer wearing is light up socks that Socko made just like in iCarly.
  • Tandy and Bungle might've still dated.



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