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Chapter 1

Swear on it

Sam Puckett walked through the halls of her new college. The place looked fantastic and Sam actually smiled of joy as she was walking towards her new room where no mother was living.

Sam found her dorm and unlocked the door with the key she’d been given and walked in. She stopped when she saw the room, paralyzed. “Holy chiz…” Sam said and it wasn’t because she liked the place. The room looked like a typical stereotype of Barbie princess.

“Hi!” a girly high pitched voice said behind Sam.

Slowly Sam turned around to see a small perky, big brown eyed, and red haired girl smiling at her. “Hi there.” Sam said skeptical taking a step back. “What are you doing in my room?” Sam asked.

“I’m your new roommate.” The read head explained cheery.

“Roommate?” Sam asked, “Nobody told me about a roommate.” Sam said.

“Aha, see it says so on your paper right there.” The girl said pointing on the sheet of paper Sam was holding in her hand.

“Like I read this!” Sam said irritated as she ripped the paper to shreds.

“You should, all the information you need for the entire semester is on that paper.” The short girl told Sam biting her lips a little concerned while her eyes followed the ripples in the paper.

“Oh.” Sam said with a shrug. “Well I’m Sam.” She said.

“My name’s Cat.” Cat Valentine said smiling.

“I have a cat, his name is Frothy. He’s a vicious cat.” Sam said darkening her voice.

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” Cat yelled upset.

“Nothing!” Sam said loudly and surprised. “Gees, it was just a joke. Bipolar much?” she mumbled to herself.

“Oh, okay, do you like the room?” Cat asked as if nothing had happened.

“Honestly, it’s not my style. Would you mind if we fixed it just… a lot?” Sam said looking around, “We need to get rid of these pink walls and fluffy pillows and what’s with this purple stuffed giraffe?” Sam asked picking up a stuffed purple giraffe.

“That’s Mr. Purple, he has to stay!” Cat said grabbing the purple giraffe from Sam and hugging it to her chest.

“Okay, but other than that we need to re-decorate everything.” Sam said dumping down on a pink bean bag that was on the floor.

“How are we going to afford that?” Cat asked.

“I don’t know.” Sam said with a shrug turning on the TV, “Do you have something to eat? Like meat or coconut pie?”

“I have candy. Do you want a gumdrop?” Cat asked as she took a gumdrop out of her bra.

Sam looked weirdly at Cat for a moment before she shrugged and grabbed the candy before she ate it. Despite it had been in the girl’s bra.

“Oh I know!” Cat suddenly said loudly lighting up.

“What?” Sam asked while flipping through the channels.

“We can do babysitting!” Cat said cheerfully.

“No way! I hate babies!” Sam said turning the TV off and standing up.

“Please? It’ll be fun! I promise!” Cat whined and grabbed Sam’s arm forcefully, though she probably didn’t notice it herself.

“No, I don’t want to!” Sam said.

“Pretty please?!”

“Cat! I said…”


“God, you’re annoying! Why?!”

“If we don’t do something we can’t afford redecorating the room.” Cat said.

Sam looked around for a minute before she sighed, “Does it have to be babysitting?” she asked making a face.

“Yes.” Cat simply said.

“Fine, I’ll do it.” Sam said with her teeth clenched together.

“You swear you won’t back out?” Cat asked tilting her head to the side.

“I swear.” Sam said and rolled her eyes.

“That’s great news I can tell Jade when she gets here.” Cat said happily.

“Jade? Who’s that?” Sam asked before someone knocked on the door. “Wrong room!” she yelled.

“Cat, let me in!” an impatient voice was heard for the door.

“Jade’s here!” Cat said cheery even though that was very obvious, “Jade seems really mean, but don’t worry, she is.” Cat told Sam as she skipped to the door and opened it wide.

“What…?” Sam said confused.

“Hi!” she said in excitement and gave the black haired and black dressed girl in the dorm a spontaneous hug.

“Touch me again…!” the girl said and pushed Cat from her a little bit.

“Jade, come meet my new roommate.” Cat said and pointed to Sam. “Jade this is Sam, Sam this is Jade. She used to go to Hollywood Arts too.” Cat introduced them.

“Sap?” Sam said and nodded to the girl while analyzing the new arrival. If she was anything like Cat, Sam would flip.

“What do you care?” Jade West replied shooting Sam a glare.

Sam smiled a little. This chick seemed to be alright after all.

“Sam and I are going to start a babysitting business so we can redecorate the room.” Cat said smiling.

“Babysitting?” Jade asked and looked at Sam.

“I guess.” Sam said with a shrug.

“She promised.” Cat explained.

“She did the baby talk?” Jade asked as if she already knew.

“Yeppedido.” Sam nodded.

Jade nodded back in understanding.

“So what are you doing here anyway?” Sam asked dumping back down in her bean bag.

“Little Miss. Perky forgot her pink magic markers!” Jade said a little irritated, “So she made me drive here with them.” She explained and pulled out a couple of magic markers from her bag and handed them to Cat who squealed happily.

“You drove here just to give the girl magic markers?” Sam asked surprised. This Jade didn’t seem like the girl to do that kind of favors.

“Yeah, you got a problem with that?” Jade shot back at Sam and she suddenly held a pair of scissors to her face.

“Dude, chill out!” Sam said taking a step back.

“Jade always has scissors with her.” Cat said and giggled. “Her screen name is ScissorLuv.” She added with a giggle like she found the name funny.

“Whatever, I have to go.” Jade said before she turned around and walked out the door.

“Bye! Say hi to Tori!” Cat called.

“No!” Jade yelled from the hallway.

“Kaykay, bye!” Cat said waving down the hall before she closed the door.

“Well she was nice.” Sam said sarcastically.

“I know right! She’s my best friend.” Cat said smiling.

Sam just blinked and shook her head over this ditzy weird girl before her phone rang and she picked it up. “Hi Carls.” Sam said into the phone.

Hi! How’s the new college?” Carly Shay sounded in the other end.

“It’s okay, tho my…” Sam hesitated, she was wondering how she was going to phrase it without letting Cat know she was talking about her. “Cellmate is basically Barbie in a pink castle.” She finished.

So your new roommate is not what you expected?” Carly laughed, she knew Sam’s weird code talk.

“No, she even made me swear to do toddlers sitting to make money to redecorate this nightmare.” Sam said.

Wow, not even I could have made you do that, how’d she do it?

“She has this really annoying baby voice.” Sam sighed.

Aren’t you afraid she’s gonna hear you?

“Nah, she just went to the bathroom with her purple stuffed giraffe.” Sam said and pulled some beef jerky out of her bag which she had brought with her to the campus.

She has a stuffed giraffe with her?

“Yes, that’s the one thing she won’t get rid of.”

What’s her name?

“Cat from Hollywood Arts.”

Hollywood Arts?” Carly repeated.

“Yeah.” Sam mumbled between bites.

Could it be Cat Valentine?” Carly asked.

“I don’t know.”

Remember when I dated Steven?

“The cheater? Yes.”

We went to Hollywood Arts to get revenge on him with that other girl he was dating, Tori.” Carly explained, “Cat was there too, she sang the song with us. You know, the girl with the talking pear on her head, remember?

“Vaguely.” Sam said slowly chewing on her jerky. “This dorm is like a horrible nightmare. I can’t wait until we get the money to fix It.” she mumbled.

But, if she is that Cat, how can she take care of babies? That girl could barely take care of herself. She’s also very easily offended and takes almost everything literally and when she takes a joke it’s not one. Tori told me after the karaoke.” Carly said.

“I don’t know.” Sam said uninterested.

Sam, you have to be a little responsible if you are going to take care of other people’s kids! At least check the girls Slap page, remember?” Carly said sounding a little upset.

“Yes, but do I have to?” Sam asked with a hint of whine.


“Fine, I’ll do it.”

Swear on it?

“I swear.”

Good, I have to go, but we’ll meet up next weekend right?

“Of course we will.” Sam said before she hung up.

“Sam, I just realized something.” Cat said coming out from the bathroom.

“What?” Sam said while getting her pearbook out of her bag.

“Isn’t your name a boy’s name?” Cat asked.

Sam sighed, “It’s short for Samantha, but never call me that.” She said shortly before logging on her black pearbook.

“Oh neat! Mine is short of Caterina, but no one besides my grandmother calls me that.” Cat answered. “What are you doing?”

“Checking something.” Sam said.

“That’s my Slap page!” Cat said in excitement when she saw what was on Sam’s pearbook.

“Mhm.” Sam answered while reading different status updates and clicking on some videos.

“Oh, it’s time for picture taking for our school ID’s!” Cat said looking at the clock on the wall. “Are you coming?” she asked when Sam didn’t seem to want to move.

“Already got mine.” Sam said holding hers up.

“How? They don’t start until now.” Cat said confused.

“I got my ways.” Sam replied.

“Oh, well come on Mr. Purple let’s go get our ID’s!” Cat said before she skipped out the door with laughter.

Sam was watching Cat’s video’s online, and this girl wasn’t just stupid, she was like a five year old in disguise. “This is the most random chick I’ve ever seen.” Sam mumbled to herself.

Sam also checked out some of Cat’s friends, among them this Jade person who seemed to be more like Sam’s taste. Why she was friends with someone that ditzy Sam didn’t understand. “Well Caterina Valentine, let’s hope you grow on me kid.” Sam said to herself as she closed the laptop.


That marks the end of chapter 1. It's long I KNOW!

I take critique, proposals etc, but no rude comments or anything that is hateful or can offend anyone in any way.

Sorry for any misspelled grammar.

Also, I use a very long time to write one chapter, so it will be a while till next chapter.

~Xo, MinniHowl (talk)

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