Okay, it's been two days and I am extremely surprised at the fact that no one on this wiki has acknowledged a certain tweet Ariana recently posted to twitter.

"Interesting day on the @samandcat set so far.... @jjennettemccurdy how you doin'? #ikissedagirl #goodthingwerebothonantibiotics"

I don't kmow about you guys, but Sam and Cat is my ultimate OTP at the moment, and this just killed me. It's clear that Ariana couldn't have meant that she kissed a girl other than Jennette seeing as she mentiojed her and said they were both taking antibiotics as well. if they have an onscreen kiss, I will lnot know what to do with myself. I ship them so hard, it's not even funny.

Before anybody says that Nickelodeon would never allow a lesbian kiss on a show aimed at kids, remember when Drake and Josh kissed that one time in one of the later seasons? And what about the fact that Good Luck Charlie will be introducing a homosexual couple to Disney very soom? It wouldn't be too much of an issue for Dan to sneak a Sam and Cat kiss in there.

So what are your looks on this?

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